During the last two years of Jiang Zemin regime's persecution against Falun Gong, the police stationed at the Chuangxing Police Station of the Ranghulu District in Daqing City, have turned themselves into a group of felons rather upholding the law as law enforcement officials. Those police, who have actively participated in the brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, include the head of the police station Rong Zhengyi, chief policemen Gao Fengjie and Chen Qidong, and policemen Song Changjiu and Liu Xuezhong.

On November 19, 2001, policemen Gao Fengjie and Song Changjiu kidnapped practitioner An Shaohua from her home and took her away in a police car, directly sending her to a district detention center. The next day they sent her to a province-level drug rehab center in Harbin City. [Note: Drug rehab centers as well as mental hospitals are being used as detention centers for Falun Gong practitioners.] Without any legal evidence or legal procedure, they infringed upon an innocent citizen's human rights and completely disregarded the law. Gao Fengjie even threatened, "I will arrest you whenever I see you!"

Before this kidnapping incident, Gao broke many laws in collusion with other vicious policemen. One day he knocked on An Shaohua's door, attempting to take her away from home. An refused to open the door for him. So he asked a locksmith to break into the house and then forcibly took An away. Policemen Song Changjiu and Liu Xuezhong both participated in this incident. They also searched An's home.

An Shaohua's son is also a practitioner. One day in collaboration with his work place, the police attempted illegally take him to a hospital for further persecution [Note: most likely a mental hospital]. Because her son strongly protested such illegal action and successfully avoided their abuse, the police illegally detained An again on August 13, 2001. An Shaohua went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. Nine days later, she was sent to Daqing City Detention Center by policemen Gao Fengjie, Chen Qidong and Song Changjiu. An was taken there coinciding with the time that Chen Qiulan, the practitioner from Daqing City, was tortured to death in this same detention center. When their medical examination taken in this detention center, found that An was weak and had high blood, they had no choice but to release her, to avoid any responsibility for her physical condition. Pretending to be nice to her, they told An, "We won't arrest you again. You may stay at home."

When these policemen tortured An's son in the hospital, Gao Fengjie shouted to him, "You always said that there is immediate retribution this lifetime. I don't believe it. Let me see what retribution I'll get. I just want to abuse you!" Soon after An's son shook them off, inside sources learned that Gao Fenjie's big toe suffered from a festering wound. His vicious doings also brought bad consequences to his relatives. Currently his wife was in the hospital.

Liu Xuezhong led other policemen to illegally search many practitioners' homes in early November this year. During the last two years, the Chuangxing Police Station sent five practitioners to labor camps. Practitioners living in the district under their jurisdiction promoted Dafa and clarified the truth to them many times. All those efforts did not change their hatred toward Falun Gong. We hereby appeal to the worldwide people to examine the facts and identify who the real lawbreakers are.