About 200 Dafa practitioners have been illegally detained in the Women's Labor Camp in Chongqing City, Sichuan Province. Although all kinds of torture methods have been used on these practitioners, nothing can shake the righteous belief of Dafa disciples.

There are currently 4 divisions holding Dafa practitioners within the labor camp. On New Year's Day 2001, Division 1 was asked to give a performance for a celebration. Wild and reckless jumping and yelling from the so-called "drug instructors" (who were themselves in reality, drug addicts) brought the vicious police officers to heavy laughter; however, two female practitioners were cut off when they sang the beautiful song, "Going home." To validate the Fa, Yang, a Falun Dafa practitioner, stepped forward to show the Falun Dafa exercises. Even before she was able to sit down and cross her legs, however, the police called over 10 "drug instructors" to drag Yang into their office, where they brutally beat her. Yang was severely beaten and she had wounds and bruises all over her body; she even had blood in her stool for more than 10 days. During this incident, another practitioner named Chen was also beaten by more than "10 drug instructors" who were directed to this action by a male police officer. Chen was handcuffed for half a day.

In addition to daily radio and TV broadcasted programs defaming Dafa, one vicious police officer made many banners and posters slandering Dafa. Feeling that they were beyond the limits of forbearance, several Dafa practitioners decided to hold a group exercise at 2 p.m. one day in February in order to validate the Fa as well as show their strong determination in cultivation. So when nearly 20 Dafa disciples started to practice the exercises, they were forcefully dragged apart by many "drug instructors." More than 10 Dafa disciples were dragged up to an office where they were either handcuffed to the back windows or hung up from their handcuffs. In addition, one police officer provoked more than 10 "drug instructors" (including Chen Yongli, Ding Hongjuan, Wang Fang, Liu Xueli etc.) to take turns beating the Dafa disciples. Some were beaten over and over again, especially Ms. Xie, who was hung up and handcuffed while she was beaten. As a result, Ms. Xie's mouth was severely bleeding. Next, Chen Yongli kicked the stool out from under Ms. Xie, which caused her to yell in pain. Afterwards, Wang Zhitao, another vicious police officer, came over to have a look. He even dared to falsely claim that Ms. Xie wanted to commit suicide by biting her own tongue. However, a later examination showed that Ms. Xie's tongue was still intact.

The practitioners reported this incident to the police officers. Officer Wang told officer Xu to fabricate a false statement claiming that Chen Yongli persuaded practitioners to have meals, but the practitioners refused and bit their own tongues to commit suicide. Despite this feeble attempt to frame the practitioners, the facts were clear that it was about 3 p.m. when that particular practitioner was beaten, and apparently, it was not near any mealtime. From this, we can see how mean and despicable these vicious people are! They were not only afraid to reveal the truth, but they also wanted to frame the practitioners. Of the more than 10 practitioners who were hung up and handcuffed, four were hung up and handcuffed for at least a week. Three of these four were hung up and handcuffed for at least two weeks. When the vicious police officer Wang Zhitao and Luo Chuanmei were on duty, Dafa disciples were handcuffed even when they had their meals or when they went to the restroom. When some practitioners began to shake and faint, the police officers said the handcuffs should not be released, even if it caused death.

The labor camp's second Division was even more vicious. It was not unusual for the Dafa practitioners to be beaten or kicked. When the practitioners were seated, they were beaten even if they closed their eyes for a while, or if they moved their lips. There were many ways for the officers to brutally treat the practitioners, including grabbing their hair or slamming them hard against the wall. One practitioner's mouth was covered while she was beaten, and she fainted; however, the vicious police officers said that she was "pretending to be unconscious." Because one practitioner said, "We did not do anything wrong, and it is lawful to practice our exercises," she was dragged to a spare room. After stuffing her mouth with dirty rags, the vicious policeman Yu slapped her several times. Then, the "drug instructors" were called in to brutally beat her. Afterwards, she was handcuffed for half a day. To appeal and resist the torture, more than 10 practitioners refused the forced labor resulting in the punishment of being forced to squat on their heels for more than two months, from early in the morning till 11:30 p.m. at night; they were not even allowed to go to the restroom during the day. There were about 6 or 7 Dafa disciples who were forced to stand or squat on their heels for over 5 month. However, no matter how savage the evil was, nothing could change Dafa disciples' strong, rock-firm determination in Dafa.

The Dafa disciples in Division 3 and Division 4 were great. They tore a bed sheet into several pieces and, with blood from their fingers, made banners that read, "Falun Dafa Is Good," etc. After presenting the banners, three Dafa disciples were sentenced to jail, while many more were beaten; their detentions were extended in the labor camp. Jian Ping, a Dafa practitioner was beaten so brutally that both of her legs were broken, and she is unable to stand--even today. Another practitioner was tortured to the point of a mental breakdown and she was released.

Right now, all Dafa disciples are illegally detained together in Division 4. There are "drug instructors" in every cell, and Dafa disciples are not allowed to contact each other. One practitioner did not feel well, and did not want to eat her meals. However, she was force-fed after she did not have her meals for the second time. Once Dafa practitioners started to practice their exercises, the "drug instructors" would brutally beat them with support from the evil police officers in the public.

By provoking the "drug instructors" to beat the practitioners, the police officers not only failed to help them give up evil deeds and become good people, but also made them even worse. This is doing great harms!

We hope that all people with a conscience can pay close attention to the current status of the illegally detained Dafa practitioners in Chongqing City.

Telephone number for Division 4 of Women Labor Camp in Chongqing City: 86-23 67861870