(Clearwisdom.net) I have been cultivating Falun Dafa for three years. I would like to share with everyone my cultivation experience during the Fa-Rectification from two aspects.

1. Experience in Clarifying the Truth

At the beginning of my Fa-spreading and truth clarification, I knew I must speak out the truth, but I just did not know how to say [it]. Once, at a tourist site, a practitioner was promoting the Fa to tourists. I stood nearby and followed him. I delivered a leaflet to a tourist, but he did not take it. However, he took one from that practitioner. So this got me thinking. I realized that my energy field was not righteous enough because my heart was not pure enough. Since then, I often reminded myself to "Keep righteous thoughts." When some bad ideas emerged in my mind, I recited "Lunyu" (foreword of Zhuan Falun) to clear out my mind and to improve my actions and appearance. Later, I would send forth righteous thought according to what Teacher taught us. Indeed, all of these achieved good results.

Last month when I attended my grandmother's birthday party, I wanted to deliver the truth-clarifying materials to my relatives. However, before I started, lots of human notions came out. I was afraid that they would say "How could you do such a thing on such an occasion." After I hesitated for half an hour, I thought, "I must let them know the truth, or they might miss this eternal chance." So, I delivered several Dafa documents to each table. Some relatives took them with pleasure while some relatives thought my action was inconceivable. A senior asked me why I promoted Falun Gong, and said that practicing at home would be fine. I explained to him, "I'm not making propaganda, and I don't force you to practice Falun Gong either. The reason why I give you these documents is that I just want you to know what really happened." Then I told him my own experience and feelings, and how I benefited from practicing Falun Gong. I said, "Just now, your brother told you where he had his lumbago cured and now, he feels better. Isn't he introducing others to good benefits?" His daughter nodded. I realized it is important to break through our human notions and eliminate the attachment to fear during the period of Fa-spreading and Fa-Rectification. Sometimes, fear can result in some imagination, such as you might think that it is unsuitable to clarify the truth at a certain time or on a certain occasion, or you may think people will not accept the truth about the persecution. These are the excuses that prevent us from clarifying the truth to the public.

During the birthday party, after one of my relatives read the document about how Chinese practitioners were persecuted, he called me over and pointed at the material, saying, "This guy should be shot to death." In the document, the Director of the Wanjia Labor Camp, who has the same surname as my relative, went so far as to do very deplorable things. This made my relative very angry. One truth-clarifying flyer had convinced him to take the right side. Many people with a sense of conscience can distinguish between right and wrong. Master said in his article, "Suggestion," "It is the evil (forces), not the Dafa practitioners, who are scared to let people know the truth." [unofficial translation,] I realized that as a practitioner, I should let people see and hear the truth. I often insert pictures of the persecution that is purposely imposed by the evil forces on Chinese practitioners into the Dafa introductory material, and then deliver them. I feel that all these pictures truly record the cruel facts about what is happening to the Chinese practitioners. Those practitioners who are detained in jails and labor camps live in misery and suffer all kinds of brutal abuse. This is not a problem related to just a few or a few hundred people, but one related to thousands upon thousands of practitioners. We overseas practitioners should expose the evil and resist the evil. We should let people know the truth about Falun Gong. Moreover, all the people who can see the truth-clarifying documents will have a thought. It is this single thought that will establish the base for their bright future.

2. Encourage Each Other, Strive Forward Together

There was a period of time when I was clarifying the truth, I felt that I could inspire others. I found I could achieve good results by giving some examples for comparison. These examples would make people think, discern, and lead them to find out the truth of Dafa. However, after another period of time, I found there were no more new examples. Therefore, I lost my confidence again. Once, when we were promoting the Fa at a park, a tourist kept disapproving of what I said. I thought I had no way to make him understand. I felt that I should improve my approach and should have more compassion. Then a practitioner told me, "It's very good to give examples like that." After I heard such encouraging words, the obstacle in my heart disappeared. Since then, I felt it is very important that the fellow practitioners care for each other, encourage each other, and help each other.

Master mentioned in his new article, "Encourage each other, and strive forward together." I also remember the practitioner Ding Yan from China, who said, "Whether he can step forward or not is a trial for him, but whether we give him help at that time shows our xinxing (mind or heart nature)."

I saw that there was only one practitioner who was cultivating in my hometown in Malaysia. There was no environment for a group study. I wanted to help him. Therefore, I asked other practitioners if they would like to go there with me. We were practicing the exercises, studying the Fa and sharing experiences together on the weekend. Sometimes when I could not go there, I asked other practitioners for help. Different practitioners would help the local practitioner in different aspects. After several times, this practitioner caught up with us and he realized the importance of Fa-study. He bought a computer to access Minghui Net. He said he wants to be a genuine Dafa disciple. I have also benefited a lot from this interaction. I had tried to do it before, but I just could not make it. I realized that the difference was how much effort I put into it. One practitioner said that even if she just went there to accompany only one practitioner to do the exercises and study the Fa, she would do it.

I have noticed other practitioners are doing different things for Dafa while I cannot give any help. I try my best to do the things within my capability, realizing that anything I do will help. I realize that Master will arrange the chance for us as long as we have a thought to do something for Dafa.

All these are my individual experiences and understanding. If there is anything wrong, please point them out.