(Clearwisdom.net) Just the other day I heard some practitioner saying that it was very difficult to spread Dafa to fellow Chinese people. This brought up my memory of two small stories from two other practitioners.

One practitioner is a petite lady around 20 years old. One day in a German city she encountered a touring group of 10-plus Chinese people walking on the street. As they stopped to wait for a traffic light, she went over to hand out the Dafa pamphlet "The Path of Returning to One's True Self" to them. At hearing of Falun Gong, those 10-plus guys became so tense as to crowd around her, encircling her. One of them standing in front of her kept badgering her saying, "What do you want? What do you want?" This practitioner did not get stressed out but took it lightly. She remained calm and was smiling. Raising up her hand with a copy of the pamphlet, she talked, not loudly, but clearly to all of them, "Falun Gong cultivates Zhen -- Shan -- Ren (Truthfulness -- Benevolence -- Forbearance) so it is a high virtue and a great way to benefit your mind and body." Still no one dared to accept the pamphlet. She just kept smiling and looking at every one of them with sincerity. Within a few seconds, the group of people started to relax a little bit. Then someone took a copy of the pamphlet and murmured rudely, "Now then, you may go away." She did not move but continued to say a few more words from the bottom of her heart in a pure state of mind. Many of them listened to her and started to smile too. One of them even came over to pat on her head and commented approvingly, "What a nice girl!" Then the traffic light turned green and all of them left with a copy of the Dafa pamphlet. Some of them even said good-bye to the practitioner.

Due to his work, another practitioner had to greet and accompany a tour group of Chinese representatives visiting Germany. All members of that group were People's Representatives from China and one was even a Director of one of the "6-10" Offices (a bureau specifically created by the Chinese government to persecute Falun Gong. It has absolute power over each level of administration in the Party, as well as over the political and judiciary branches). On the second night of the touring, this practitioner went to their hotel rooms to visit each and every one of them to tell them the truth about Falun Dafa and give them truth-clarifying pamphlets. The next morning all the touring members mentioned that the night before they had an extra sweet sleep. Later the practitioner commented to me that those representatives went abroad to find out the truth; after they got it, they felt released and so were able to sleep well.

When talking about spreading Dafa to Chinese people, both of the above-mentioned practitioners had a common realization: "Upon being presented with the truth about Dafa, although their human sides seem to be upset, their other sides are actually happy. It is a pleasant and enjoyable occasion to meet other people during this time of the Fa's vast spreading."