(Clearwisdom.net) Several days ago, Li, a fellow practitioner, called to inform me that her house had been illegally searched. I decided to pay a visit to her.

Li's main contribution to Fa-rectification was to distribute truth-clarifying materials to the public. The ruffians searched every corner of her house, but only found three copies of the truth-clarifying literature. "Where did you get these materials?" they questioned. "I picked them up from outside!" she answered. One replied, "There are so many of us. Why didn't any of us see any?" "I am different from you. I'm a Dafa disciple. Dafa disciples have stronger affinities with Dafa materials." While she was sending forth righteous thoughts in her mind, Li sternly warned those criminals, "You have searched my house for no reason. This is illegal, and I shall hold you accountable for what you have done!" The trespassers found nothing and left feeling dejected.

However, the chief of the police station did not want to give up. He ordered Li to go to the police station the following day, intending to put pressure on Li in their "evil environment." Li thought: I'll go. No matter where one is, a Dafa disciple is always upright and dignified. At this point, she laughed and said, "Master said that Dafa disciples' righteous thoughts are powerful. His words are true! That day, as soon as I walked into the police station, three policemen approached and surrounded me. So I kept sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. At that time, I really felt that the power of righteousness could even split a mountain. As I expected, after no more than two rounds, they were already finding it difficult to hold on ----the three men suddenly bent down, placing their hands over their stomachs and appearing as though they had unbearable abdominal pain. Two of them said something to the other, and then they left. The one that was left behind called my husband, who came immediately after receiving the phone call. The policeman who stayed behind looked really miserable and hopeless. He said to my husband, "We didn't do anything to her. You can see that she is fine. Now I hand her over to you. You'd better leave."