Righteous Thoughts Changed my Husband

My husband is prejudiced against Dafa because he believes the limited understandings of modern science. He refused to read the news published on the Falun Dafa websites Minghui, Zhengjian and Xinsheng.net.

I often sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the warped beings that were interfering with him.

A few days ago, I showed him the news from Xinsheng.net while I sent forth righteous thoughts so that he would complete the reading. That night, his whole body suddenly felt cold and he felt pain from within his bones. This sensation continued through out the next day. I said to him in amazement, " Master Li has already begun to purify your body. It is the karma from deep inside your body." When he got out of bed in the morning, his spirit was exceptionally well. Since then, he reads news from Xinsheng.net every day. He is now a being in the process of being saved.

Dafa is the Genuine Science

When I was travelling for my job, I met an elderly person. Our conversation soon turned to the issue of Falun Gong. I clarified the truth at every opportunity. I discovered that he is not against Falun Gong nor does he support it. Later on, I realised that the reason is Theism; he believes that modern science has offered in depth explanations of many phenomenon. That being the case, I told him what genuine science really is, from medical science to chemistry to the planet. My ability to clarify the truth won his admiration. I told him: "Formerly, I did not know what causes illness. Dafa has allowed me to see the true cause of things, which is not being taught elsewhere."

He told me afterwards, "You have to learn to protect yourself. You only speak of "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance," which is too weak." I told him, "The actual brilliance and strength come from the compassion that lies within one's heart. Over two years of persecution have been ineffective." I then gave him some examples [in which Dafa practitioners risked their lives to clarify the truth and their benevolence had moved many people], and he truly felt the strength of "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance" and its selflessness. He told me wholeheartedly, "God should protect you because you are sincere and selfless." Our conversation lasted for more than three hours. I suggested that he read Zhuan Falun. Just before we left, he said to me, "We have a predestined relationship. I have benefited quite a lot from tonight's conversation."