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I'm a Falun Dafa practitioner, born in Sichuan Province. My husband, my two children and I obtained the Fa in succession in 1997. Since July 20, 1999, Dafa practitioners have met with persecution. Our family of four went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa during the Chinese New Year of 2000. We were sent back by the local police. My two children, the elder one being only 9 years old and the younger one, only 7, were also detained in the police station for one day. My husband and I were illegally confined in the detention center. I was detained for 43 days, my husband for 38 days. During the detention period, our children, our relatives, and my husband and I were severely harmed, both physically and mentally.

After we came back home, my husband went to find some other place to work in order to make a living for the family. I stayed at home to take care of our two children, as well as my sister's child, since my sister also practiced Dafa at that time. Around 2:00 am on April 18, 2000, the local police showed up and ransacked my home. After that, they arrested me without taking into consideration that there was no one to look after the children. Without any legal charge or reason, they sent me to a detention center and confined me there for several months. Starting in May, the local government, the neighborhood committee, put me under close surveillance. I lost my freedom. They also demanded that I pay a fine. I told them that we had not violated the law and they had no reason to ask us to pay anything. I did not cooperate with them.

A few days before July 22, 2000, the local government arrested me again and sent me to a brainwashing class. They also demanded that I pay a cash deposit, write the so-called "Guarantee not to practice Falun Gong", and check in with the neighborhood committee every day. They also ordered me to find a guarantor who had to have a job. Because I did not cooperate with them, they sent me to the police station again and detained me for 15 days.

When I came back home at the beginning of August, the local town government kidnapped me once again to send me to a brainwashing class. They applied various methods to try to brainwash us and insisted that we write the "Guarantee not to practice Falun Gong", pay a cash deposit and check in at the neighborhood committee every day. Twelve days later, having not achieved their goal, they forcibly took me back to the police station and detained me for more than 60 hours. In order to carry out further persecution, they dragged in my local residential committee to provide them with some materials about me. I did not cooperate with them, and went home at noon on August 30. On the third day after I came home, i.e., on the evening of September 1, just after I took the three kids to register for school, more than a dozen people from the local government, police station and residential committee broke in and ransacked my home. They detained me for 15 days by fabricating a charge against me. Soon after, just a few days before the National Day (Oct. 1) of 2000, they came to harass me again. They knocked on the door many times, but I steadfastly refused to open it and did not let them in. My neighbors were very unhappy about their behavior.

On the evening of January 13, 2001, around 10:00 pm, five persons from the local police station violently ransacked my home. They did not find anything. They intended to take me away by force once again. I then told them that I did not commit any crime and there was no reason for me to go with them. My sister was also at home. She was pregnant at the time. She held me with both her arms and would not let them take me away. Even under these circumstances, the five evil policemen vigorously threw me down to the ground, kicked me and put handcuffs on me. They forcefully dragged me down from the fifth floor, without letting me put my shoes on. This is the way they sent me to the detention center once again, this time for a month. One month later, the town government picked me up and took me to the police station. They did not allow me to go home. They took me by vehicle to the town government office for brainwashing during the daytime, even following me at lunchtime. In the evening, they took me back to the police station. They would not let me go home if I didn't give in. Facing this kind of severe persecution, I walked out of the brainwashing class around 4:00 pm in the evening and had to leave home to avoid further persecution. I was thus forced to become homeless and destitute.

Because I walked out of the brainwashing class, the town government sent a fellow practitioner who had been unlawfully detained with me to the police station. They also held my sister in that police station. They deployed the public security personnel, the police, town government officials, the neighborhood committee members, and my fellow workers to cordon off the whole town to check all the vehicles, streets, bus stations, and railway stations. But they could not lay their hands on me. Starting from the second day and continuing until now, the lawless staff from the town government goes to my home and harasses my family every single day. Whenever a holiday comes, they harass my relatives. During this period of time, the town government has even applied the spiteful measure of putting my picture on TV and sending out a notice of a reward of 500 yuan (about the average monthly income of Chinese people) for information leading to determining my whereabouts.

November 6, 2001