Once, while speaking to my landlord about Dafa, he suddenly asked, "How much money do you earn each month by doing your (Dafa) job? If I was given some money each month, I'd do as you."

At the beginning, I was surprised to hear such an unexpected question. I then smiled and told him, "Nobody has ever given us even a cent. All the money came from our own savings that we saved penny by penny."

That seemed unbelievable to him. In response, I told him two stories that I knew.

  1. One elderly lady was closely controlled by her family members. They only gave her enough money for purchasing vegetables and food every day and not one more Fen. She had a very strong desire to go to Beijing to validate Dafa. So she started saving up a few Fen or Jiao (1 Jiao equals 10 Fen in Chinese currency) or a few Yuan (1 Yuan equals 10 Jiao, the average monthly income for an urban worker is 500 Yuan) from the money they gave her each day. After a few months, she finally saved about 100 Yuan. One day, instead of going shopping, she left home and stepped on a train to Beijing. At that moment, she did not even have enough money to buy a ticket for her return trip.
  2. A young lady's only financial source was her 150-Yuan monthly salary. In addition to her expenses, she also supported her mother. Their daily living expenses were about 1 Yuan. However, in one month she made more than 10 truth clarifying CDs with her own money. She said, "It is worthwhile to let more people know the truth about Falun Dafa so that they can be saved in the future."