December 14, 2001

( I am a Dafa practitioner and a retired worker. Since I persisted in practicing Falun Gong, I was twice sent to the No.1 Mental Hospital of Chongqing City. The first time was on November 12, 1999; the second day after the police escorted me back from Beijing. At about 3:00 p.m. that day, I was taken by force to the No.1 Mental Hospital by Huang Nengyuan (the director of Political Security Section), officer Xu Zhongyuan, Doctor Yang Jian, and Huang Hepu (the General Secretary of the Retired Committee). I was detained there for a total of 40 days. On May 22, 2001, I was sent to the mental hospital for a second time. I just returned home from working when those unlawful people summoned me for interrogation. They blamed me for being away for several months without informing my factory leaders. They felt that I had participated in Falun Gong activities outside of my hometown. So, the Political Security Section Head and the Town Government asked me for my opinion on Falun Gong and what I had done while I was out of town working. On the morning of the third day after my return, the factory called my family members and asked them to send me to the factory and the factory would then send me to a mental hospital for examination. They said that if I were ill I would be treated there, otherwise I would be sent home. If I didn't cooperate with them, I would be fined and punished. I realized it was a plot and insisted on not going with them. However, several minutes later, two officers from the Political Security Section of the Factory came and escorted me to the factory. Then Doctor Yang Jian and others sent me to Unit 3 of the Mental Hospital.

The next day after my admission to the hospital, Doctor Li Xiaoju, who was responsible for me and who also the chairperson of Unit 3, asked me to take some medicine. I said to her that she was in charge of doing the examination, how could I take medicine before she did the examination? Half a month later, one of the leaders of the hospital and three doctors in charge of my case had a talk with me about my experiences from practicing Falun Gong. They asked me if I had any kind of hallucinations, or if anything was controlling me. I replied "no" to all of their questions. Then, they asked me what supported me spiritually to make me able to endure such huge pressure and stick to my opinion. I told them it was the principles of Dafa given by Teacher. Then, they asked if my mind had been totally controlled by my Teacher. I told them that I myself feel that this Dafa is good, righteous, and compassionate. I believe in it and want to take it as my guide in everything I do. Although they knew that I didn't have any mental problems, they took my safeguarding Dafa as a mental problem. They said that was the conclusion of an expert. Therefore, they must force me to take the drugs that mental patients take everyday and increase the doses gradually. If I didn't take their drugs they would ask the doctors and nurses to force-feed me. This is how they treat mental patients when they won't take the drugs.

I lost my personal freedom and was not allowed to study the Fa or practice the exercises. Later, per the request of my family members, Huang Nengyuan from the Political Security Section and another officer came to the hospital. They told my family members that they were coming to take me home but indeed they came to see if I had changed my opinion on Falun Gong. I told them that I believed in Falun Dafa and that I hadn't done anything abnormal or illegal. I should not be detained here since I was not a mental patient. However, they said, "We know you are normal and you are not muddled. In fact, you have been very sober. But, it is illegal to practice Falun Gong, and you are being treated for your sickness of believing in Falun Gong. If you don't change your opinion about Falun Gong you are considered to be a mental patient. It depends on you yourself whether you can get out of here or not. Since you have not yet changed your opinion, I cannot take you out of here. From now on, at all times and in all places, you must report your opinions and thoughts to the doctors. If the doctors agree, you can leave here."

Later I went to doctor Li Xiaoyu and asked her whether this was a place for curing people or a place for detaining people. She said, "You should not have been sent here in the first place. It was your factory that insisted on sending you here. Without the consent of your factory, I cannot let you leave here since you have a political problem." After a couple of days, the general secretary of the factory, the chairman of the factory office, and Huang Nengyuan, all came to see if I had changed my opinion. I still kept my belief in Falun Gong and continued my practice. Ever since then, I have been watched even more closely by the hospital and no one can get me out of here without the consent of the factory. I have been here for more than half a year. As a long-term plan, the hospital treats me as a mental patient and tortures me continuously.

During this period, the leaders of the factory put much pressure on my family members. They told my family members again and again that they didn't entrap me nor do any harm to me. They sent me here for my own good, otherwise, I would be in jail. In doing this they are inciting my family members' complaints and hatred towards me. They are also shifting their crime of persecuting me by blaming my spiritual beliefs in order to cover up the fact that they are committing a crime by infringing upon a citizen's freedom of belief.