(Clearwisdom.net) On August 18, 2001, police forced Cui Ruhui, a practitioner from Dumeng County, Heilongjiang Province, to Dumeng County Center Police Station for illegal interrogation. She had been found reading Zhuan Falun on a train. With no warrant for her arrest, she was illegally detained for one month. On September 28, 2001, three policemen from Tiedong Police Station in Dumeng County illegally entered practitioner Li Hongying's home and ransacked it. Finding Dafa books and literature, they dragged her away without a warrant and detained her for a month.

After the detention terms of Cui Ruhui and Li Hongying expired, the police added another two months to their terms citing a charge of illegal appeal. The right to appeal is a citizen's basic human right. How could it be referred to as illegal? In addition, the two practitioners did not even go to appeal. So how could they be charged with illegal appeal? Even a county police department director dares to wantonly trample citizens' human rights of freedom and violate the law. Where is the law and virtue proclaimed by Jiang Zemin's regime?

Practitioner Cui Ruhui and Li Hongying protested the severe violation of their human rights with a hunger strike. On the fourth day of their hunger strike, the authorities of the detention center carried out the order from Mu Junling, the director of the 610 Office of Dumeng County. The order is "to use any means in dealing with [the practitioners]. I'll take the responsibility should anything happen [If the practitioners die from torture]." [The "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] The abusive policemen in the detention center tortured the two practitioners and then forcibly injected them with medicine despite them being extremely weak from the torture.

Zhang Wantie, an abusive policeman, received immediate retribution. He was hospitalized with the onset of heart disease. The other policemen did not learn a lesson from his hospitalization. Practitioner Cui and Li are still illegally detained in the cold, dim cell, suffering torture and inhumane treatment.

List of Criminals Working in the Dumeng County Police Authority:

Director of Police Department: Li Xiaoguang. Tel. 011-86-459-3427998 (H), 011-86-459-3422150 (O)

Deputy director of Police Department: Zhang Bing. Tel. 011-86-459-3421043

Deputy director of Police Department: Zhao Jianxun. Tel. 011-86-459-3421928, 011-86-459-3422150

Arrest Certificate Section of the Police Department: Zhu Hongbo. Tel. 011-86-459-3424313

Director of the Detention Center: Zhang Wantie. Tel. 011-86-459-3422353

Director of Center Police Station: Yin Caijun. Tel. 011-86-459-3426559, 011-86-459-3421173

Policeman from Center Police Station: Zhang Haoyue. Tel. 011-86-459-3431800, 011-86-459-3421173

Director of "610 Office:" Mu Junling. Tel. 011-86-459-3423254, 011-86-459-3424615

Policeman in Xicheng Police Station: Ma Baigang. Tel. 011-86-459-4322386

Deputy director of Judicial and Political Committee: Tang Huijun. Tel. 011-86-459-3428930, 011-86-459-3421439

Deputy Secretary of County Party Committee and director of Judicial and Political Committee: Cao Baisheng. Tel. 011-86-459-3421185

An official in Judicial and Political Committee: Tang Guanchun. 011-86-459-3421439

Deputy Commissioner of Dumeng County: Li Zonghui. 011-86-459-3421600

Head of Political Security Group: Wen Zhongge. Tel 011-86-459-3423657. 011-86-13059092967 (cell)

Political head of Political Security Group: Xu Yuru. Tel. 011-86-459-3423543

Associate Head of Political Security Group: Zhao Fenggui. Tel. 011-86-459-3423656

Abusive Policeman in Political Security Group: Li Jun. Tel. 011-86-459-3428155

Center Police Station officer: Liu Fangwu. Tel. 011-86-459-3421173

Detention Center: Wang Zhongge. Tel. 011-86-459-3426112, 011-86-459-3421117

Transportation Department: Li Hongcheng. Tel. 011-86-459-3422643, 011-86-459-3422850