Around February 20, 2001, the Vice-Secretary of Jilin Province, Lin Yanzhi, went to Siping City Forced Labor Camp to determine what "progress" had been made with Falun Gong practitioners. Camp officials asked two former practitioners who had denounced their belief in "Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance" to stand up and give false reports of conditions at the camp.

Upon hearing the false reports, a practitioner stood up to clarify the truth and to expose the evil deeds. The reason practitioners had signed their names to the so-called "Denouncement" was because that they were under extreme duress from the policemen. In order to force practitioners to give in, the police used brutalities such as beatings, handcuffs, electric batons, not being allowed to sleep and lies and propaganda. This is something they shouldn't have done.

That practitioner also stated that practitioners are trying to become better people in accordance with Dafa, to assimilate with the cosmic characteristic of Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance. They strive to improve both their health and their moral standard, all of which is beneficial to the country and its people. The actions of practitioners are approved of and supported by righteous people around the world. At the same time, with their great benevolence, Dafa practitioners peacefully endure all the unfair treatment and demented persecution. Jiang Zemin's gang used their so-called "law executors" to take cultivators' benevolence as cowardice, and to escalate the persecution.

The same practitioner also asked, " When will the persecution stop?"

The practitioner's speech was very righteous, initially leaving the Vice-Secretary speechless. However, the Vice-Secretary then became very angry. He yelled out, "Practitioners who remain resolute in your practice: We will beat you to death!" He continued, "There are 1.3 billion people in China, but only about 100,000 practitioners have been sent to labor camps. Even if we beat you all to death, so what? I would rather beat you to death than leave you the chance to go to Beijing to appeal."

His words shocked the people around him, including police and officials. How could such a high-ranking government official talk about killing people so casually!

At his command, thugs began to even more severely torture the practitioners, kindhearted people who believe, "Do not fight back when being beaten. Do not curse back when being cursed." They were beaten with threaded wires and made to stand outside in the cold with only thin clothes on. One of the practitioners was beaten until he lost consciousness. He couldn't eat anything for eight days.

Lots of these kinds of crimes are happening in China every day. Falun Dafa practitioners bear horrible suffering. They use their firm righteous thoughts to validate Dafa and give the opportunity to more Chinese people to come to realize the truth.

We appeal to the United Nations and to all countries and righteous people around the world: Stop Jiang Zemin's horrifyingly brutal acts. Release all practitioners and bring their persecutors to justice.