1) The police academy organized a performance aimed at damaging Falun Dafa and brainwashing its students. After the show, a female student went back to the dormitory and excitedly told others about the show. Dismayed, the dorm leader told her, "Shut up! Don't repeat this nonsense, since you don't know the truth beyond the biased media propaganda. If they (the fabricated stories) were true, why do so many people practice Falun Gong? Are they all mentally retarded? Don't repeat those things again, lest you get your retribution." Other people in the room agreed, "Yes, never say that again."

2) Once during a class, students were inattentive and noisy, and quite a few students were talking amongst themselves. Unable to continue the class, the instructor stopped the regular instruction and started to chat with the students on issues that interested them. When the conversation turned to Falun Gong, the teacher said without hesitation, "I don't think Falun Gong is bad. In fact, the police are to blame. Look at the quality of our police, especially those who are arresting practitioners in Tiananmen Square. Compared to Falun Gong practitioners, they (the police) should be ashamed. They are ruining our reputation." Suddenly, the classroom became silent, and the instructor resumed his teaching.

3) During a trip, a female student from the police academy met a Dafa practitioner. She told the practitioner that many instructors and students in the police academy hold no negative thoughts towards Falun Gong. Most of them do not believe the government propaganda on television. From their study of the constitution and criminal law, they all know that what the television shows and newspapers are saying are groundless fabrications. They have no evidence to form any verdict and are simply slandering Falun Gong using fabricated stories. She also asked the practitioner many questions about Dafa and loss and gain in one's life. At the end of the conversation, she wrote herself a note: "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance" and "Return to one's true self."

4) A female student told a practitioner about the favorite activity in their dormitory -- telling ghost stories. The students told ghost stories every night, and they were running out of stories. The practitioner then started to tell her cultivation stories on a regular basis, in order to break her rigid notions. Later on, she told the practitioner, "I am sharing those cultivation stories you told me with my roommates every night now. They enjoyed the stories so much that some could not sleep. Some students indicated that they would pursue cultivation and eventually reach enlightenment."

5) A student was interested in worshiping in the temple. She asked a Falun Gong practitioner to accompany her to a temple. She said that many of her classmates often pray in the temple. They burn incense and beg the Buddha for protection and good luck. The practitioner told the student that people's motives in worshipping the Buddha are not good, and that asking the Buddha for material gain is wrong. The Buddha's teaching is about compassion and saving people from worldly sins, not about enjoying material life. The practitioner also told the student about the bad things in today's temples and the dangerous consequences of worshiping the Buddha with selfish motives. After listening to the practitioner's explanation, the student decided not to go to the temple and went back to the academy. Several days later, they met again. The student told the practitioner, "I told my classmates what you told me. Now, no one goes to the temple to beg the Buddha anymore. You must stand behind your words!" The practitioner smiled from the heart.

6) Once a practitioner spread the Fa to a student in the academy. This student lowered his voice and told the practitioner, "In the police department, we seldom talk about Falun Gong issues publicly. Whenever assignments relating to Falun Gong are mentioned, people try hard to avoid the task. Sometimes they are forced to accept an assignment, but they always try to get out of it later. People all know that the police have taken many Falun Gong books from practitioners. But you have no idea what happens to the books - many policemen hide them for their own reading. Some policemen hide the books in their desks, and they read the books when no one is around. Some take the books home. So far, I haven't heard anyone badmouth the books. Whenever your teacher's name is mentioned, many policemen say, 'He is remarkable.'" The practitioner felt in his heart that Dafa has touched people's hearts. The student said, "Policemen are secretly stealing the books locked up in storage. If you want, I can get a few copies for you."