Through the efforts of local practitioners, I was fortunate enough to hold a painting exhibition in the National Gallery of Art in Fukuoka County. The 1,000 square meter exhibition hall showcased 90 paintings of mine from different periods.

As soon as I got off the plane we went to a press conference held in the meeting hall of a journalist's club. Four of the five major news agencies were present at the conference. I gave each of them a book of my painting collection and a Japanese article about my experience in Chinese jails. I also explained to them the stories of the deities in the paintings. The reporters all listened attentively and made notes.

Zhang Cuiying explains to reporters the stories of the deities in her paintings Reporters attentively take notes Reporters listen carefully to Zhang Cuiying's experiences

The next morning before the exhibition began, reporters from IKB TV -- Fukuoka's largest TV station arrived and started filming the paintings one-by-one. They said the program would be broadcast in one hour. During the day, Daily News also phoned to tell us that they had published the news of the exhibition and my personal experiences.

áIKB videotaping each of Zhang Cuiying's paintings One view of Zhang Cuiying's Painting Exhibition

However, someone called the Gallery and said we should not distribute Falun Gong information. When the director of the Gallery asked about the relationship of Falun Gong and the painting exhibition, a practitioner told him, "The life of the artist was saved by Falun Gong. An illness made the artist lose her ability to paint. It was Falun Gong that gave her a second life. To repay what Falun Gong has given her, she went to China just to say 'Falun Gong is good.' For that, she was detained for eight months without legal procedure." The director was deeply moved and allowed us to continue distributing Dafa flyers. He told us it was those evil people who called him. The director earnestly viewed all the paintings and then had all the divisions of the gallery come to the exhibition. He then asked us to allow him to add the book of my painting collection to their permanent collection.

The evil force intended to sabotage the exhibition, but in the end helped us clarify the truth and let the people know the truth.

The police, council members, and the mayor were very supportive of our exhibition. The police even directly distributed SOS information to citizens. The mayor and council members told us how to contact the media. The power of Dafa has shaken the sentient beings and the awakening of the sentient beings also encourages us to do more.