November 16, 2001


Masanjia Official Meets with Retribution

The Superintendent of the Second Women's Criminal Camp, Su Jing, was honored with a "Second Degree Hero Model" in Beijing for her involvement in the persecution of Falun Gong. She then traveled around the country and made speeches. On her return, she was involved in a car accident and her nose was broken.

During the year 2001, Shao Li, the vice-superintendent of the Second Women's Criminal Camp, was always sick and had to constantly receive intravenous injections. This is her retribution for using electric batons to torture Dafa practitioner.

Captain Lu from the Second Women's Criminal Camp suffers from toothache every time she slanders Dafa or deceives practitioners.

A conversation overheard between two captains: It was found that regardless of their age group, young or old, all the policemen in the Second Criminal Camp had been diagnosed with high blood pressure during their yearly check up.

We would like to warn repeatedly all the bad people in Masanjia Forced Labor Re-education Camp: the evidence of your criminal acts has already been recorded. In order to protect the righteousness in our society, one day you will be brought to justice. There is an accurate measure by which good is rewarded with good and evil meets with the. The punishment from gods is their compassion to you. Please stop assisting the vicious groups to commit crimes.

Jiamusi Vicious Police Meet with Retribution

On November 7, 2001, two policemen were killed in a kidnapping crime in Jiamusi, Heilongjian Province. One of the policemen was Cui Rongli; he was the captain of Xiang Yang police substation and was in charge of persecuting Falun Gong. The other policeman was 33 year old Ding Daicheng, an officer from Xiang Yang police station. He was also a vicious persecutor of Dafa practitioners. He reported Dafa practitioners, arrested and tortured them to force them to give up their practice, and turn in and destroy their Dafa books.

The Vice-Superintendent from Baodian City Labor Camp Receives His Retribution

Han, the vice-superintendent from Bao Dian city (Hubei Province), viciously slandered Dafa in front of all the labor camp personnel during their yearly "reward and punish" meeting. He insulted Master Li, and force-fed Dafa practitioners. He was held in a detention center for fighting while having dinner in a restaurant. He has received his due retribution.

The Head of Comprehensive Management Office Dies In A Car Accident

On August 14 of the Lunar calendar, the head of Comprehensive Management Office of Beidian village of Qingyuan County in Heibei Province, Yao Guoan, was riding a motorcycle when he hit a car and ended up pinned under the car. He died from the accident and the car was totally ruined. Before he died, he had been a policeman. Since July 20, 1999, he had followed closely Jiang Zemin's evil group to sabotage Dafa, persecute and brutally torture Dafa practitioners. He once said viciously: "I will not lose my 13 years hard earned government position because of your practice of Falun Gong." This was lack of a clear distinction between the righteous and evil; he did not want to lose his rank, and this cost him his life. Was it really worth it?