1. A Just Supervisor of a Company
  2. A city has set up an evil brainwashing class and many practitioners have been persecuted by being sent there. An evil administration officer forced a supervisor of a company to send a practitioner to the brainwashing class. This supervisor adamantly refused, "If you want to arrest people, please show me a document with the red stamp! (an official warrant)." The evil one had no word of reply (in fact, the matter had gone through no lawful procedure), so he gave up.

  3. Domestic Harmony
  4. A practitioner's wife does not practice Dafa but she is very kind. She respects her husband's beliefs and helps him organize truth-clarifying materials. One day, the practitioner said, "If one day I am in bad luck and am arrested and imprisoned, you can do whatever you want to do." His wife replied, "If you are in prison for your belief, I will wait for you." The practitioner was very encouraged by this and has worked even harder to clarify the truth.

  5. A Single Word Exposes the Truth

Somebody on the train told me that a friend of his, who is a policeman in the Jilin Province Police Department, told him about something that happened in the detention center. One day, a detained practitioner was clarifying the truth and trying to persuade two policemen to be more benevolent. One policeman did not make his stand public. The other policeman replied viciously, "I don't believe what you just said, I'll curse and see what will happen." As a result, this policeman received retribution, could not talk, and so could not go to work. Finally his policeman friend told him, "Don't slander Buddha Law! You will receive retribution if you do bad things."

When a practitioner was clarifying the truth to policemen, he asked, "Have you heard that during the anti-persecution, there are practitioners still alive after being on a hunger strike and without food for over 20 days? The policemen replied, "Yes." The practitioner continued and asked, "Why?" The policemen could not answer. The practitioner asked again, "Have you heard that policemen who have persecuted Dafa practitioners have suddenly had all kinds of diseases from which they died, and that some of them died from accidents such as car accidents?" The policemen replied, "Yes." The practitioner persisted by asking, "Why?" The policemen did not say anything. The practitioner said, "This is 'Good is rewarded with good and evil brings evil', it is the emergence of Dafa's dignity." One policeman said with some fear, "Please tell your Master that I did not treat you badly."

November 26, 2001