Vicious Policeman From Chengdu City, Sichuan Province Receives Retribution

Wang Zhengli, the director of the Fuqin Sub-district Police Station and the person directly responsible for the torture and death of Chengdu Dafa practitioner Xu Zhilian, was recently stabbed fifteen times and sent to the hospital.

A Villain Receives Retribution in the Jing County, Hebei Province

Ju Zhaokun, a previous Party secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee of Jing County and the current director of the "610 Office," has been the most notorious villain for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in Jing County. Nowadays, he is under police investigation for some economic problems. Upon hearing this, many of the common people clapped and cheered, and word spread widely saying that it was retribution for his persecution of Falun Gong. Since the year 1999, Ju cruelly persecuted Dafa practitioners all over the county and was guilty of numerous crimes. In 1999, Dafa practitioner Liu Lianyi from Liangji Township was tortured to death, and female Dafa practitioner Sun Lianping was injured and disabled from being beaten. Presently, her whereabouts are still unknown and no one knows if she is alive or not. Around the county, more than thirty Dafa practitioners were illegally sent to forced labor camps and five practitioners were sentenced to long prison terms. Ju himself was responsible for nearly 1,000 detainments. In order to relieve the pressure put on their families, many practitioners have been forced to leave home and wander about, and a huge amount of money has been extorted from thousands of practitioners. Ju has used the persecution of Falun Gong to extort money from common people and get rich immediately. However, both reward to the good and punishment to the evil will come about sooner or later.

Vicious Policemen from the Jinhua Street Police Station in Daan City Receive Retribution -- Their Thighbones Became Necrotic

Xie Yonggang, a vicious policeman from the Jinhua Street Police Station in Daan City, kidnapped Dafa practitioners many times. On May 28, soon after he and another vicious policeman kidnapped Dafa practitioners off the street, he got sick. But he still did not change his evil nature. On July 4, he kidnapped his own neighbor (a Dafa practitioner) after his neighbor's return trip home, and illegally detained him for 15 days. Three days later, the roof to his storage room was blown off by a violate gale. And now, he has necrosis of the thighbone and has been transferred to a detention center. (note: necrosis is a medical term for the death and decay of bodily tissues).

Wang Jun, a coworker of Xie Yonggang, often looked upon Dafa with hatred. In April, while illegally ransacking the homes of Dafa practitioners, he verbally abused Dafa and disrespected Teacher's pictures. He also tried hard to frame cases against Dafa practitioners so he could put them in jail, but failed. Soon after, he also got necrosis of the thighbone and now has to use a walking stick.

Director of the Chaoyangpo Township Police Station in Gongzhuling City, Jilin Province, Receives Retribution

One day in December 2000, while some Dafa practitioners from Gongzhuling City legally went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa, policemen from the Chaoyangpo Police Station in the city ransacked their homes. Upon finding Dafa materials, they confiscated them and attempted to take them back to the police station. On their way back however, they got into a car accident. The car was completely destroyed and the policemen were injured. Not long after, their police director, Zhang Yong, was dismissed from his post because of excessive drinking at work.

We would like to seriously warn those villains who are being used as clubs in the hands of Jiang's political gang of scoundrels to beat people. These occurrences are not coincidences or accidental phenomena. It is a principle of heaven that good is rewarded with good and evil is met with evil. Please hurry and wake up to this. Otherwise, it will be too late for you to regret it when the retribution arrives.