1. A Police Chief at a certain provincial Detention Center has a clear understanding that Falun Gong is good. He never mistreats practitioners in his custody. When practitioners were sent to his Detention Center, this Chief would go to the cells and warn everyone: "Nobody is allowed to touch those people. They are the most truthful group of people."
  2. A certain Public Security Director in an unnamed province once encountered a Dafa practitioner who was a close friend. That practitioner asked this Director bluntly, "What's your true feeling about Falun Gong?" Seeing no one else around, the Director said halfheartedly, "Falun Gong is really good."
  3. An instructor at a provincial detention center is an upright person. Working his shift electronically monitoring practitioners he observed them sharing food and clothing brought to them by their families with other inmates (non-practitioners) without wanting something in return. One time a practitioner was called in for a talk with the Detention Center Director. This Instructor was present and couldn't help bursting into the conversation, commenting to the practitioner: "You are a really nice person. You give things to others but refuse to take anything in return. If the Party behaved like Falun Gong, then there would be no bribes or corruption. The Party's morals would become good again." His frankness left the Director feeling embarrassed and dumbfounded.