(Clearwisdom.net) An "interesting" exchange of words took place at a recent truth clarification presentation in Hong Kong. And I think it is necessary to write it down and share this story with others.

Everyone Clearly Distinguished Between Right and Wrong. The Person from Beijing Looked Foolish

We were at a popular tourist site, our chosen Fa-spreading site, to show the video which exposes the truth behind the Tiananmen "Self-Immolation Incident." Many people were drawn to watch the video and crowded around the small screen. Suddenly, a tall man stepped out of the crowd. He was in a towering rage, dashing to a female practitioner who was spreading the Dafa information. Greatly agitated, he said something to her, with his hands pawing her. I went up to them. Before I had even said anything, this man rushed in my face and said even more loudly: "I came from Beijing. All of what you said is false. What you are presenting here with this video has political intentions." I explained to him with smile: "I hope you can watch it unbiased and objectively." But he immediately interrupted me and repeated his arguments loudly, not giving me a chance to talk at all. His intention was to destroy.

As I thought about sending righteous thoughts to eliminate the evils behind him, several Hong Kong citizens who were watching the video joined in. One of them used his passable Mandarin language skills and said loudly to this man, "You are from Beijing. I am from Hong Kong. Your Mainland ruling Party stuff, as everyone knows, is the most phony and sham stuff! " After listening, this man from Beijing was about to say something, but immediately got interrupted by the surrounding people. "Beijing Man" somewhat lacked his arrogance by now, but was still seeking to argue. Joining in, other people were tapping him with their palms while shouting out their opinions. Someone even made a fist. At this point, a voice from the crowd said, "I also come from Beijing. But I believe what they are showing is true!" "Beijing Man" realized "things were going south." Like a leaking balloon, he waved his hands and said weakly, "OK! OK! OK! I know, I know, that's it! That's it! Let's stop here." Then he hurriedly departed without looking back. I was surprised at this scene. The assembled crowd was not willing to leave. Someone said, "He is really a flunky of the ruling Party." More and more people came up to accept truth-clarifying materials.

I regretted that at that time I did not personally thank those Hong Kong citizens who showed their righteous thoughts and could neither thank the kind person from Beijing.