(Clearwisdom.net) Ever since several Falun Gong practitioners in Wanjia Labor Camp in Harbin City of Jilin Province were tortured to death, the guilty culprits from the Political and Security Section of Mishan City Police Department, Heilongjiang Province, fearing media exposure, have been repeatedly obstructing the media to prevent them from disclosing this case. They even threatened the victims' family members. They declared that if any were found to be in contact with foreign journalists and granting interviews, "the entire family would disappear."

At the end of August, they heard that someone from CCTV (China's Central TV Station) was coming to conduct interviews. The police from the Political and Security Section of Mishan City Police Department asked the members of a family to go to the department, possibly to give false testimony. Nobody from the family wanted to say anything against their conscience. Therefore, they replied that they could not do such a thing, as Falun Dafa is the Orthodox Law and the vicious force should not be allowed to further persecute Dafa practitioners. They were determined not to cooperate with the vicious force to give false testimony. Hence, the family was forced to [become homeless and] and live on the streets with their eight-year-old child to avoid further persecution. However, the hoodlums still would not give up. They issued an arrest warrant and posted a reward of 30,000 Yuan [the average wage for Chinese city workers is approximately 500 Yuan] for the arrest of the family members and the practitioners.

Among the wanted are Zhang Yulan's two sons and one nephew. Zhang Yulan's second son, who was just released from the Jixi Labor Camp, was forced to become homeless. One time on his way home, he was seen by a plainclothes policeman. This hoodlum did not find anything during a body search but arrested him without any reason. He was illegally imprisoned for over a month. After "October 1"[China's National Day], he was illegally sent to the Jixi Labor Camp again. In late October, Zhang's third son was illegally taken away by the Political and Security Section, and imprisoned in a detention center. Hence, the authorities have broken up and ruined the whole family. As of now, the Jixi Labor Camp is still imprisoning one of Zhang's sons and nephew.

We sternly warn the vicious people: Dafa is arranging the positions of all lives. Don't wait until retribution on the final day to regret. We hereby appeal to the international human rights organizations to pay attention to the human rights situation in China. Save those kind-hearted people who are being tragically persecuted, uphold justice and stop the killing.