After the SOS Global RescueWalk -Europe group left Iceland and entered France, they received the full support of French practitioners in such tasks as choosing the walking route and contacting local media and government. Almost every day, walkers visited a local government office and held an interview with local media. Since they knew little about Falun Gong or the persecution, most French media used to repeat the Chinese government's false propaganda in their reports of Falun Gong to show their neutral position. When walkers passed Paris, Senlis, Compiegne, Ham, St Quentin, Cambrai, Valenciences, and other cities and towns, they told local media and governments the truth about Falun Gong and the brutal persecution in China. They pointed out that it is not merely a human rights issue, it is also an issue regarding the moral standard which human society chooses to uphold. When one more person knows the truth of the persecution, one more person will step out to support justice. All the voices for justice will gather together and turn into a powerful force that will be recorded for history.

Clarifying the truth to I'observateur du Cambrei reporter Clarifying the truth to La Voix du Nord reporter Walking through a small town
Meeting with a Mayor's assistant on foreign affairs Walking in the last city in France with an escort of local policemen Group photo with local policemen and Mayor's assistant
Clarifying the truth to DIGI reporter Clarifying the truth to RFI reporter Walkers crossing the French border