Clarify the Truth By Breaking Through the Information Blockade

Falun Dafa practitioners from Hainan Province, China congratulated Austria, Belgium and Israel on establishing a Falun Dafa Association in their countries.

The Houston Falun Dafa Radio Station recently interviewed famous singer Mr. Guan Guimin, from Mainland China. He expressed that cultivation is an ancient practice in Chinese culture. Foreigners learning Falun Gong, promote the best qualities of Chinese culture and people all over the world can feel the greatness of China. The thirty-six Western practitioners who went to Tiananmen Square showed that they love China and Chinese culture.

Media Report

It was reported in Frankfurter Rundschau on November 22, that the police detained two German reporters in Tiananmen Square for two hours. One of the police said, "By being on-lookers of the scene, you have violated the regulations."

The German Franconia Post reported on November 21, that three overseas Chinese students started their "SOS Rescue Walk" on November 7, covering a distance from Berlin to Munich. The Mayor of Hof City, Mr. Dieter Dohla, met with the walkers on November 19, and on the spot signed his name on a letter demanding that the German government appeal to China for the release of Zhao Ming and stop the killing of Falun Gong practitioners.

Latest News From China -- 11/26/2001

Today 132 people solemnly announced that all deeds done by them that do not comply with Dafa, declared and done under high pressure from persecution by Jiang Zemin's gang of political miscreants, and under various physical and mental tortures, are all invalid. They will persistently cultivate Dafa and double their efforts to make up the loss they brought to Dafa. One middle school student pointed out in the announcement that the school put pressure on students to attack Dafa; otherwise the students would be expelled from school. There were several students expelled for this reason.

My experience under persecution: Zhang XX, Vice party secretary of Hanyang District, also has other titles. He is the Secretary of the District Politics and Law committee, and Vice Director of the district police department in Wuhan City. This person threatened, intimidated, beat and kicked, and used other reprehensible methods to torture me. He also arrogantly declared: "We are not members of the XX party but thugs. The police department director never blinks an eye regarding killing people..." I was put into the male prison cell, suffered being handcuffed behind my back, backward-tying using ropes and being kicked.

The police in Hubei Province's Hewan forced labor camp instigated and rewarded criminals to brutally beat, punish and humiliate Falun Gong practitioners. One practitioner's left arm muscles became swollen and lost their circulation because of pinches and twisting. Guard Zhang Yi of the "Strictly Managed Class" said himself that the "Strictly Managed Class is hell on earth."

Cultivation Stories

We should treasure life, yet we must distinguish good from evil.

(1) One engineer practitioner participated in activities including the "April 25" appeal (at Zhongnanhai whereby 10,000 practitioners appealed near the high-ranking officials' living compound), and Fa-spreading activities. He also went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa after the "July 20" (date banning of and persecution against Falun Gong practitioners began). After his employer terminated him he continued to appeal for Dafa.

(2) She felt very weak, and was diagnosed with Hepatitis B in the spring of 1995. More than ten thousand Yuan was spent on Western medical treatment, Chinese traditional medicine and Chinese folk medicines. But none of these was effective. She started learning Falun Gong in early 1997, and all of her sicknesses just went away. Now she feels energetic all day long.

(3) I have appealed many times for Dafa, trying to tell people the benefits I have received from practicing Falun Gong, including improvements in my mental and physical well being. My family life has also become happy. I've been detained illegally numerous times for appealing for Dafa. Because of what he knows about Dafa and me, my husband has protected and supported me.

With righteous thoughts on her mind, one Falun Gong practitioner successfully passed all inspections at the railway stations as well as on the train along the way to the fellow practitioners in a remote area. She brought them a CD writer, a lot of Dafa materials, and other necessities.

Overseas News

Congratulations from the North European Falun Dafa Association on the establishment of the Israel Falun Dafa Association.

When a Taiwan practitioner was phoning Mainland China to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa, he found out that the evil has been systematically using the former practitioners who have enlightened along an evil path to damage Dafa by quoting parts of Dafa books out of context. Thus, he realised that it is very important to thoroughly clarify the truth to the people in Mainland China in a more refined way.