(Clearwisdom.net) On September 27, 2001, at about 5:00 p.m., a gang of vicious police led by Huang Naiquan, abducted practitioner Li Zhongye while he was working in the field and took him to the Yitong Police Department. Li was cruelly tortured using various means, including being beaten with a spiked plate made by the policemen themselves. Upon hitting his body, the nails stuck deep into his flesh and left deep puncture wounds. The policemen hit him continuously like this until his entire back was mutilated. Although the policemen used every vicious means possible to break his firm belief in Dafa, Li belief remains determined.

Li was disabled from the extreme torture. Although it has been over a month since the torture took place, Li still cannot see out of one of his eyes and one arm and one leg are paralyzed. Currently, Li is being held in the Yitong Detention Center.

We hope that all the kind people in the world will pay attention to this case and help Li Zhongye regain his health and freedom.

The name and telephone number of the vicious policemen that was in charge of the torture is: Huang Naiquan; 86-434-4221218 (home), 86-13904354765 (mobile phone).

For more information please refer to List of Evil Criminals from Yitong Autonomous County, Jilin Province Who Persecute Dafa Practitioners