(Clearwisdom.net) Since the evil force started the sweeping persecution of Falun Dafa on July 20, 1999, the vicious people Wang Huaijing and Xu Hong of the Politics and Security Section of Huai'nan City Panji District Police Department of Anhui Province, have used all devious methods against local Dafa practitioners. They illegally sent Dafa practitioners to detention centers and forced labor camps again and again. They took the opportunity to extort money from practitioners' family members and relatives. In the two-year period, they sent over 100 practitioners to detention centers and forced labor camps. Disabled practitioner Bo Minghua and her family were illegally imprisoned over ten times and the police extorted over ten thousand Yuan [about two years average income in cities of China] from them.

Some people could not endure the evil's persecution, revealed practitioner Bo Minghua. She is over 50 years old. Her eyes are congenitally blind and she cannot take care of herself. Still, the vicious people interrogated her at the police department for three days and three nights, not allowing her to sleep. But Bo Minghua's determination in cultivation was rock-solid, not moving a little. Finally they were enraged and forcefully sent her to Hefei City Female Forced Labor Camp. The labor camp did not accept her because of her blindness. Yet the vicious people, Wang Huaijing and Xu Hong, did not lessen the persecution against her family.

One night in October 2000, these two vicious people suddenly ransacked Bo Minghua's home and found several Minghui Net materials in the third daughter's room. They then took turns interrogating her daughter about the source of the materials. The young woman was very determined and did not compromise with them. They then sent her to Huai'nan City No. 2 Detention Center. At the time she was already two months pregnant, and the detention center refused to take her. The vicious people were not satisfied, trying all means to persecute her. They conjured up another despicable plot. Director Wang of the Street Office became the one who was in charge of forcing the young woman to give up cultivation. Director Wang took the "guarantee statement" as a pre-condition for issuing a birth permit (The birth permit is a product of the birth-control policy. Without a birth permit a pregnant woman can be subjected to forced abortion). This unreasonable requirement was firmly rejected by the expectant mother. The vicious people thought they had found the tool for persecuting the young woman and said, "If you don't have a birth permit, it is illegal for your child to be born. If you tell us where these materials are from, we'll set you free. Otherwise, we'll instruct the birth-control office to force you to abort, and sentence you to three years. Think about it. You have two hours. If you still do not tell, we'll directly send you to the hospital for a surgical abortion." Facing the evil threats against the unborn life, the young woman felt extreme pain in her heart, and the whole family of Bo Minghua shed tears. But the practitioner did not do anything unworthy of Dafa, or unworthy of Master. She remembered what Master said, "Having heard the Dao in the morning, one can die in the evening." ("Dissolving Into the Fa" of Essentials For Further Advancement) She had no regrets in her life, and holding this thought, the evil plot failed.

Around midnight on August 21, 2001, Wang Huaijing and Xu Hong again ransacked Bo Minghua's home, and sent her husband to the evil brainwashing class of Huai'nan City. Bo Minghua and her fifth daughter were separately imprisoned at the district police department. On the third day, Bo Minghua was sent to the evil brainwashing class.

Since the evil brainwashing class used mental tortures, not allowing her to sleep, Bo Minghua wrote the so-called "transformation statement" in a trance. After her release on the second day she was sober and in deep sorrow. She immediately wrote a solemn statement to declare the invalidity of the transformation statement. This both exposed and shocked the evil. The vicious people were trying to arrest her again and she had to leave home. A blind person's wandering life is unbelievably hard. We appeal to the kind people of the world to pay attention to this case.

November 18th, 2001