(Clearwisdom.net ) Teacher mentioned that Dafa practitioners are one entity. We Dafa practitioners came from different cosmic systems and realms, and have different skills and talents and are doing different kinds of work in the human world. However, during the course of Fa-rectification, we should work together as a whole. This does not mean that we all do the same or similar types of work, but that we all devote ourselves to Fa- rectification and do well what each of us is supposed to do in our own positions. We are improving ourselves if we can wholeheartedly play our roles according to this requirement. During Fa-rectification cultivation, I have deeply realized that looking inward is not merely an act of thinking, but to take the Fa as teacher and to completely break through the old human notions and habits.

In the past, I spent a great deal of time spreading Dafa to other people, but neglected caring for my own family. When I hurriedly clarified the truth and promoted Dafa to my family members, they said to me, "You only care about yourself and do what you want to do. Since we need to take care of the family, we have no time to learn Dafa even if we want to. You are so selfish..." This remark awakened me with a start. I examined myself with a calm mind and found that even though my goal was most sacred, I had not broken away from the realm of "selfishness" and I had also failed to give consideration to other people's circumstances and their capability of understanding. I understand from the Fa that we should maximally conform to the formalities of human society in our cultivation. The fact that even my own family could not understand me also showed that I did not have enough compassion.

In collective work to promote Dafa, we all contribute voluntarily. Since Dafa practitioners have different skills and talents and are doing different kinds of work, some problems often appeared as we worked cooperatively. Later, through many times of searching within myself, I felt that it was hard to find the root cause if I only looked at the issues from my own perspective, because by doing so I was looking for answers only from my own personal experience and understanding, which were still mixed up with many of my attachments. For instance, some practitioners are responsible for arranging and assigning tasks, while others actually carry out the tasks. When I made a mistake, I would often use the excuse that I had too many tedious things to do and did not have enough time to do them. I never thought that the reason the mistakes occurred was because I was not concentrating or not listening carefully as to how to accomplish the tasks. On the other hand, the practitioners responsible for assigning the tasks also failed to realize that the problems might lie in their inappropriate arrangements and unclear instructions. They always thought that others should already be clear about what they should do. They failed to look at things objectively, and judged situations from their own perspectives.

The wisdom given to Dafa disciples is profound. Why do we get trapped in our mindsets then? Because we do not give enough consideration to others, we fail to understand the actual situations of other practitioners--and yet this is exactly what is encompassed in Master's teaching that we should be considerate to others under any circumstances.

Dafa practitioners overlook this aspect possibly because they concentrate their attention on one thing and lose sight of another. They also overlook the fact that many aspects should be taken into consideration when arranging and assigning Dafa tasks. In our cooperative efforts, there have been situations where everyone assumed that everyone else was clear about the details, and nobody bothered to confirm the work, saying that Dafa practitioners did not follow everyday people's work formalities and needed no leaders nor systematic arrangements, etc. I believe this mentality also interferes with practitioners' Fa-rectification work.

What we are cultivating is our hearts. Even if we do work similar to that of everyday people, the implications of our work are different. If we cannot even achieve the work efficiency of everyday people, then how are the infinite implications of Dafa reflected at the lowest human level? I have deeply understood that cultivating the heart is most fundamental. We should be "full of great aspirations while minding minor details" ("Sage" in Essentials For Further Advancement). When this is reflected in human society, we should always be considerate to others, try to understand other people's viewpoints as much as possible, and appreciate their difficulties. By doing so, we are also eliminating our own self-centered and selfish mentalities and attachments. This is also a reflection of our compassion. It can help us to better utilize the power of Dafa practitioners as one entity, and enable us to do Dafa work even better and faster.

This is my personal understanding; please point out anything improper.