(Clearwisdom.net) Looking back at history, whenever a country's leader and government officials committed brutalities and went against the principles of heaven, natural disasters would necessarily occur and people's lives would be at stake.

A fire took place in Guangfeng County, Jiangxi Province that burned down nearly 30 shops along a street

People's Daily, on November 18, 2001 reported that around 9:30 that morning, an accidental fire took place in a restaurant on Dong Street of Yongfeng Town in Guangfeng County of Jiangxi Province. The fire burned down nearly 30 shops along the street before it was brought under control and put out at 4 p.m. The police department blocked off the street in order to conduct an investigation, and was taking care of a variety of matters in the aftermath of the fire. The initial estimate of the loss caused by this fire was over 4 million Yuan.

Serious Soil Erosion Issue in Jiangxi Province

Central News Agency/Taipei, on November 18 reported on a Xinhua News Agency [Note: state controlled main media of Mainland China] story that Jiangxi Province lost a total of 30,000 sq. kilometers [about 11,700 sq. miles] of soil that was washed away by water. Two-thirds of the land lost had medium to severe soil erosion issues and required immediate attention. The difficulty of treatment is ever increasing.

The report pointed out that although the Water Conservatory Department on all levels of Jiangxi Province strengthened their management and conservation of water and soil, and supervision of the execution of law, the rate of soil erosion has decreased but soil erosion is still an acute issue in Jiangxi Province. The main reason is because the soil layer in Jiangxi Province is thin and there is a large amount of rainfall in the south. In addition, there was prior intentional damage which people had done to the environment. All these factors have led to critical soil erosion.

Frequent disasters must have a reason behind them: the lawless Jiangxi Province government officials' persecution of Falun Gong practitioners brought the catastrophes which have led to chaos.

Dafa Practitioner Wang Xin of Jiangxi Province Tortured to Death


At around 7:00 p.m. on July 2, 2001, Dafa practitioner Wang Xin from Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province left this world after suffering from a variety of tortures at the Second Forced Labor Camp in Nanchang City. Wang's family said the criminals who tortured Wang to death did not receive any official punishment for their brutal actions.

Wang Xin, male, 28, started to practice Falun Dafa in 1999. In late 1999, he was detained for the first time because he went to Beijing to appeal. Soon afterwards, he was released. In 2000, he was illegally detained once again for going to a city to share experiences with other practitioners. Later that year he was sentenced to 2 years forced labor and sent to the second labor camp.

In 2000, to protest the torture by the labor camp, Wang Xin went on his first hunger strike that lasted for over 60 days.

In late May 2000, the guard in the labor camp beat Wang Xin for no reason and also prevented him from practicing Falun Gong exercises. Once again, Wang went on a hunger strike to protest. Soon, he was taken to the labor camp hospital for forced feeding and transfusion. At around 3:00 p.m. on July 2, the guard informed Wang's family that Wang was dying. Wang's family immediately took Wang to the provincial hospital for emergency treatment.

According to Wang's family, Wang Xin had only one breath left when he was admitted to the hospital. He passed away at around 7:00 p.m. the same evening.

The doctor at the provincial hospital said Wang Xin wouldn't have died if he were sent to hospital earlier, since he did not have serious illness.

Wang's family said that Wang Xin lived a miserable life in the labor camp. However, the evil thugs in the labor camp who tortured Wang did not receive any official punishment for their role in Wang's death.

The means that the labor camp used to torture Dafa practitioners are extremely despicable.

Phone numbers of the second team in Nanchang City forced labor camp: 86-791-3892247, 86-791-3801244

Dafa Practitioner Zhang Maoxing Tortured to Death


Zhang Maoxing, a practitioner in Chengzi Town (Shahe) of Jiujiang County, Jiangxi Province went to Tiananmen Square to validate Dafa with his daughter in Chinese New Year of 2001, and was arrested and escorted back by hired thugs. Because it was their second time going to Tiananmen Square to validate Dafa, they were brutally tortured by the thugs.

Not long after, the devastating news that Zhang had died and had been tortured to death by the evil authorities before the Chinese New Year in 2001. Zhang's wife, who is also a practitioner, wasn't allowed to pay her last respects to her husband until Zhang's body was to be cremated. According to people inside sources, Zhang's body had bruises and cuts all over when carried from the hospital to be cremated, and his body was still fastened to the bed by iron handcuffs. Zhang's eldest daughter was illegally sentenced to forced labor and is still serving that sentence.

Former Jiangxi Province High People's Court Section Chief, Falun Gong Practitioner Hu Qingyun Tortured to Death by the Government


Hu Qingyun contracted acute leukemia in 1997, after being diagnosed by five large hospitals in Jiangxi and Shanghai, he was told by the experts that he had three more months to live. In February 1998, an expert of Jiangxi Medicine Institution Hospital notified Hu's family that he would live three more days at most, and that they should be prepared for his death. However, that was when Hu began practicing Falun Gong. Two months later, he gradually recovered. The story of him being brought back from the brink of death was spread far and wide among Falun Gong practitioners.

When Falun Gong was illegally banned by the government in July 1999, Hu Qingyun wrote to the national leaders on numerous occasions telling them about his personal story of changing from a terminally ill patient to a healthy person. The government arrested him twice in July and October of 1999 for the letters. The second arrest was also his last time in jail [he died in jail].

According to news, at the time of his first arrest, Hu Qingyun declared that he used to be suffering from final stage leukemia and that he would have died if not for practicing Falun Gong. However, the police personnel who were present and in charge said, "You are not able to threaten us with this [leukemia]." They still locked him in jail and did not allow him to practice the exercises and study the Fa. As the result, he began bleeding from all over his body. The government was compelled to release him. After Hu Qingyun continued practicing Falun Gong upon his release, he quickly recovered for the second time.

In October 1999, Hu Qingyun was arrested again without legal evidence. After being detained for one and a half years, he was sentenced to seven years in jail by a district court in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province on January 10, 2001. Hu Qingyun used his legal knowledge to overturn some of the charges against him, but still received an illegal seven year sentence in the end.

Experts say that the seven-year sentence was extremely heavy for Hu, and was no different than death sentence. Later, the facts had shown that, the Chinese government didn't plan to give Hu Qingyun any chance for leaving the jail alive.

Hu Qingyun's family and friends recently verified that, on March 22, 2001, Hu Qingyun died in the Jiangxi Jail Hospital. According to his family and friends, Hu's leukemia was cured after practicing Falun Gong and he was sent to jail by the government for this practice. He couldn't practice in jail so later he died.

Demon's Den -- Majialong Forced Labor Camp in Jiangxi Province


On January 14, 2001 (the day before Chinese New Year) was supposed to be the day for family reunions, however, practitioners in Jiujiang City were illegally arrested by the police and sent to the brainwashing class, which had been held one after another, but all failed to move the determined hearts of the practitioners. In late July, the exasperated sponsors of the brainwashing class moved all practitioners to the Majialong Forced Labor Camp to continue brainwashing. Some practitioners were illegally sentenced to 2-3 years of forced labor without their families receiving any notification. Their families were anxious and inquired of their whereabouts everywhere. Look how much misfortune the evil brought to the families. For eight months from the winter to summer, the practitioners have held firm in Dafa cultivation. The guards didn't admit failure and locked the practitioners in a little room of 4 sq. meters [about 36 sq. ft] with no window and only a hole that's only large enough for a rice bowl to go through. The practitioners were forced to eat, urinate and defecate in the same room and were watched by a female prisoner, who was a convicted drug addict. They couldn't practice or study the Fa. The practitioners suffered enormous inhuman treatment.

Recently, the malicious guards started beating practitioners after seeing that the practitioners did not give in. The guards gave in completely to their vicious nature. They hung up practitioners by their hands using torture devices and hit them with electric batons. The vicious thugs forced them to curse Dafa and Teacher. If the practitioners didn't obey, they continued to hang them in the air. There were nails behind them so the practitioners could not lean back. The practitioners were not allowed to use bathroom facilities, even when the female practitioners were menstruating they were still hung up. The female drug addict guarding them couldn't watch their suffering any longer so she helped to clean up these practitioners. Some of them were hung up as long as eight to nine days.

My fellow people, when you learn about the truth above, you will understand that, for their own interests, Jiang Zemin and his villain accomplices don't care a bit for the lives of the people. In order to reach their dark purpose, they can twist the truth and use sordid lies and brutal, inhuman violence. Facing such ignoble people who are in power, who are bringing countless disasters to the people, the only way that can change your life is to wake up and resist the evil's persecution of Falun Dafa.