(Clearwisdom.net) In my cultivation practice during the past several years, what has impressed me most is that, as practitioners cultivating the righteous Fa, we should first of all have "righteous enlightenment." Master said, "Righteous enlightenment is the cause of wisdom for a superior person" ("Learning Dafa" from Teacher's poem collection Hongyin, un-official translation).

We should correctly understand the broad and profound inner meaning of the Fa Master taught us, constantly keep ourselves sober-minded, understand everything from the Fa's perspective, and genuinely comprehend and understand the Fa from within the Fa.

When clarifying the truth, even before approaching someone, fears often crop up in a practitioner's mind, such as, "Will this person accept what I tell them? What if he doesn't accept it? How can I express myself clearly? Where should I start?"

I feel I have just begun to understand a tiny bit of the inner meaning of "validate the Fa with reason, clarify the truth with wisdom, spread the Fa and offer people salvation with benevolence...." (Teacher's article "Rationality") When clarifying the truth to people, we should first of all let go of any human notions. With pure hearts free of notions, what we all have are "reason," "wisdom" and "benevolence." These are not conjured up artificially; instead, they are the natural manifestation of our pure and righteous state after all human notions and impurities have been purged. When our own ideas are no longer intertwined with human notions, and when we only act and speak from the bottom of pure hearts, "wisdom" and "benevolence" will naturally emerge. We will automatically know what to do and say. The listener will easily understand our message and everything will become natural.

So, whether it is "clarifying the truth," "exposing the evil," or "offering people salvation," every action should be under the guidance of "righteous enlightenment." Only when we have "righteous enlightenment" are we able to conduct righteous actions and walk our path correctly.

I will strive forward to become a new life filled with righteous thoughts in the Fa-rectification period.