The Beijing Falun Dafa Practitioners Salute You!

To the respected 36 overseas fellow practitioners:

The Beijing Falun Dafa practitioners salute you!

You are selflessly and altruistically safeguarding the ultimate principles of the universe; you are mercifully explaining the Truth to human beings; you are with dignity eliminating the old forces that create disturbances and damage the Fa-rectification, and you are eliminating all evils that are willing to be controlled by the old forces. Your magnificent Fa-rectification feat inspires all Falun Dafa practitioners of the world, and greatly shocks the evil.

We cultivate the same Great Law. Together we are creating the future for all beings in the new universe. Let us take the Fa as teacher, vigorously advance together, and with firm steps walk on the great path of Fa-rectification cultivation and welcome the dawn of the new universe, "When heaven and earth are bright again" (Teacher's poem "The Chill of Autumn's Winds")!

Beijing Falun Dafa Practitioners


Salute to the Western Falun Dafa Practitioners

We salute the 36 Western Falun Dafa practitioners who traveled thousands of miles to Tiananmen Square and assisted Teacher to rectify the Fa! Your magnificent feat greatly inspires us to even more strongly clarify the truth and offer salvation to people. Your great magnificent feat will be forever recorded in the history of the universe.

Falun Dafa practitioners in China

November 22, 2001


Congratulations for the Magnificent Feat

Today we saw the news from the Internet that 36 Western Falun Dafa practitioners from 12 countries stepped onto Tiananmen Square and validated Dafa, which shocked the world! Falun Dafa practitioners in China feel happy and greatly inspired from the depth of our hearts! You have really done great! You put behind you the peaceful and comfortable environment overseas, came to face the evil, terrorist violence in China, and safeguarded Dafa! Your magnificent feat was just like the "sword" of the thunderclap, which pierces the evils in the dark!

You have confirmed to the people that the Truth surpasses race, and surpasses national boundaries! You have demonstrated to the human world the best and most righteous performance! You have validated Dafa's true greatness!

You are not merely dozens of people. You represent all the good people of your countries! You are simultaneously guiding a sympathetic chord of the kindness of all humanity!

We salute you! We thank you!

In the short darkness before the celebration of earth and heaven, as one entity, let us advance together vigorously. We can certainly do even better! Let Teacher expect even better news from us!

By practitioners from Northeast China rectifying the Fa in Beijing

November 21, 2001