1. On October 6, 2001, vicious policeman Zhao Zhanying from Dongning County Police Department, Heilongjiang Province brutally beat Dafa disciple Li Lianyu (female), almost 70 years old, to the extent that both her face and body were swollen and covered with bruises. Two of her teeth were knocked out and her vision became blurry. After more than a month, the black bruises on her face were still evident. (Below, "police" refers to officers of the "Dongning County Police Department.")

2. On October 6, 2001, policeman Yu Hongfei handcuffed Dafa disciple Xie Linli (female) on the metal sheets of a heater and then punched and kicked her until her chin was red and swollen and her body was covered with black and purple bruises, which disfigured her beyond recognition. On the third day, four policemen headed by Liu Min from the No. 1 Police Station of Dongning County, Heilongjiang Province pummeled her in the morning and afternoon, each time for two hours. Not only did they punch and kick her, they also used electric batons to shock and beat her.

3. On October 6, 2001, while beating Dafa disciple Xie Linli, the four policemen headed by Liu Min from the No. 1 Police Station of Dongning County also beat Dafa disciple Ms Liu Yinghua for two hours. They used electric batons to burn and hit her face, and disfigured her. Her mouth became infected and she was unable to eat or swallow for a long time.

4. In February 2001, policeman Liu Jiansheng from the No.2 Police Station of Dongning County punched and kicked Dafa disciple Ms Wang Shuxian. He also shocked and beat her with an electric baton, making her nose bleed and distorting her face with black and purple bruises. The bruises were still unresolved more than two weeks later.

5. In February 2001, under the pretext of interrogation, policeman Zou Qinglin from the Police Department instigated other policemen to shock the mouth of Dafa disciple Ms Zhang Xiufang with an electric baton. The skin around her mouth was charred and a layer of the skin sloughed off. Then they burned her hands, and the charred smell permeated through the whole building. In May 2001, in broad daylight on the street, four policemen headed by Liu Jiansheng punched and kicked Zhang Xiufang; then they grabbed her neck so hard that not only were finger marks left on her neck, but also a piece of her flesh was torn off. Her body was covered with black and purple bruises, and she was then pushed into a drainage ditch.

6. In February 2001, policeman Lin Xiaowei from the Police Department shocked and beat Dafa disciple Ms Xu Fengying on the face with an electric baton, and then punched her on the head. He also threatened that he would have a woman guard "take care of" her.

7. On January 21, 2001, policemen Liu Min, Liu Shiping, Zhang Yuebo, Xing Yan and two others (names unknown) from the No. 1 Police Station, tried to extort information from Dafa disciple Han Lintao. They brutally beat him several times, covering his body with wounds. He even lost consciousness. They also instigated the imprisoned criminals to torture him using various inhuman methods.

8. In December 2000, vicious guard Xue in the Custodial Center and other vile persons pushed Dafa disciple Li Guizhe out of the door and shocked and beat him with electric batons, covering his body with wounds. His face became swollen and purple.

Amount of money extorted by Dongning County Police Department from the Dafa disciples: Jiang Minshan: 3000 Yuan; Han Lintao: 5000 Yuan; Ma Yuming: 3000 Yuan; Ma Qing: 3000 Yuan; Zhao Shuhua: 3000 Yuan; Han Shanqing: 5000 Yuan; Cui Zhongyan: 3000 Yuan; Sun Weili: 3000 Yuan; Kang Guizhi: 5000 Yuan; Liu Yinghua: 5000 Yuan; Jin Jinshan: 5000 Yuan; Zhang Xiufang: 3000 Yuan; Wang Shuxian: 3000 Yuan; Yan Xiuhua: 3000 Yuan; Xiao Hua: 4000 Yuan; Huang Jinfeng: 3000 Yuan. There are some other disciples from whom the amounts extorted are unknown.