The following describes how I talk to taxi drivers about Falun Dafa. After a bit of chitchat, I ask the driver what he does to unwind. If he doesn't mention surfing the Internet, I tell him that I like surfing the Internet because I can learn about different opinions on issues. And then I casually mention that I once was able to view a Falun Gong website. They are usually surprised and ask me what the website contained. I then compare the death rate of people who have reportedly died while practicing Falun Gong (Note: as claimed by the Chinese government -- ) and the average death rate of people who don't practice Falun Gong (the average national death rate is much higher).

I point out the inconsistencies in the Tiananmen self-immolation incident, tell them what really happened on April 25, and the reason for the government's persecution. I found that casually talking like this works really well. People gradually get to know the truth. When I told one driver about the brutalities in Masanjia labor camp, he said right away that it was directed by Luo Gan. I really felt happy for his judgment.

I usually carry with me some of the VCDs that have Falun Dafa information on them. Before I get out of the taxi, I say that we met because of a predestined relationship and that I would like to give him a VCD that he will find interesting.