In the afternoon on November 21, 2001, dozens of French practitioners went to the Paris De Gaulle International Airport to welcome the French practitioners who had participated in the recent splendid action of clarifying the truth of Falun Gong and eliminating the evil in Tiananmen Square. The local practitioners unfurled Dafa banners and held flowers in the hallway. When the French practitioners participating in the Fa-rectification appeared in Customs, the local practitioners embraced them and congratulated them for the success of the splendid action. Some practitioners shed tears of joy. One practitioner read a declaration introducing Falun Gong and gave a briefing on the peaceful appeal in Tiananmen Square.

Local practitioners held Dafa banners and flowers to welcome the practitioners returning in triumph The practitioners participating in the Tiananmen appeal held flowers in their hands One practitioner read a declaration

Group photo of some practitioners in the airport Group photo at the practice site with two practitioners participating in the Tiananmen appeal

Later, the practitioners gathered together at a practice site with another practitioner who had participated in the Tiananmen Fa-rectification. The two practitioners told others about the immense feeling of sending forth righteous thoughts in Tiananmen Square and the panic of the evil forces. The police van taking the practitioners from Tiananmen Square to the police station broke down ten times within a short distance! The police on the van were helpless. The evil is being eliminated.

In the evening, the practitioners gave a telephone interview with reporters with the Chinese Department of the French International Radio Broadcasting Station. One western practitioner answered the questions of the reporter in Chinese and exposed the beating that the western practitioners suffered in Beijing and the brutal treatment such as damaging personal belongings. The practitioner declared that Falun Gong practitioners are never against the government and the trip was not a provocation but was done, rather, because the good people following "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance" are being tortured in China and are deprived the opportunity to clarify the truth. The interview was broadcast in the news in Chinese that same night.

While waiting at the airport, the Chinese counselor of the Education Department of the Chinese Embassy in Paris arrived, looking for someone in Customs and saw the Dafa banner by chance. He was shocked and stunned. The practitioners stepped forwarded kindly to shake hands with him and explained why Falun Gong practitioners had appealed in Tiananmen Square. He left in embarrassment.

The practitioners also met many Chinese people from Mainland China in the airport and kindly spoke out the truth of Falun Gong to them. Many of them accepted Dafa literature.