1. Illegal Detention

More than 50 practitioners have been illegally detained. Up to now we have collected the following names as a partial list of those detained practitioners. They are Meng Lingjiu, Zhang Sixiang (female), Liu Xicheng, Jiang Fengfang (female), Zhou Shumei (female), Li Jingdong, Yu Yunjiu, Shang Guimin, Chang Yongfu, Zhang Yanzhong, Sun Shengpu, Ma Zhanyou, Cao Fenglan (female), Yang Yuqin (female), Zhang Jinglan (female), Li Weichun, Meng Xianyu, Li Weijun, Mei Guangqin (female), and Sun Lizi (female) etc.

2. Physical Punishments

During detention, practitioners were forced into heavy labor, such as; carrying heavy gunnysacks on their shoulders; unloading coal from trucks; digging troughs; etc. They also tortured practitioners with brutal beatings, force-feedings and long-term standing. They withheld all of the articles for everyday use sent by practitioners' relatives so that many female practitioners had to tear off pieces of cloth from their quilts to substitute for sanitary napkins during their menstruation.

3. Financial Extortion

They never gave any receipts after they collected money from practitioners. They even searched for money in practitioners' pockets. Sun Shengpu was arrested in Beijing because of his appealing for Falun Gong. Local police were required to go to Beijing to bring him back. They wanted to take an airplane instead of a train and using this excuse, they requested that Sun's family members give them 10,000 Yuan (Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average Chinese urban laborer is about 500 Yuan) as travel expenses. Since Sun's relatives had only 6,000 Yuan at their home, the police confiscated all of this money and took it away with them.

They also extorted 5,000 to 100,000 Yuan from each person who had practiced Falun Gong even if he/she had already given up his/her cultivation practice later on. Zhang Yanzhong's financial situation became very difficult after his working place stopped paying his salary because of his firm belief in Falun Dafa. Without any consideration for his tough economic conditions, they still forced him to submit 3,000 Yuan to them with no receipt in return.

4. Searching and Seizing Personal Property and Assets

Without showing any legal documents, the police from the Jixing Police Station searched practitioner Zhang Zuoming's home when his 11-year-old kid was home alone. They rummaged through all the chests and boxes and searched everywhere in his home. They took away all the money and valuables they found. They even got into another practitioner, Shang Guimin's, home by lifting the roof of his house, and robbed money and other personal property for themselves.

5. Depriving Practitioners' of their Human Rights

Practitioners were forbidden to talk with each other when they met outside otherwise they would be arrested. Those practitioners who had been at the homes of practitioner Sun Lizi, Chang Yongfu, Liu Jihong and Li Jingdong, all were taken into detention or were sentenced to forced labor camps.

Practitioners in Mulan County hereby appeal that all kind-hearted people show concern for the brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners and condemn the Mulan County government's vicious actions.

Related telephone numbers:

The chief of Public Security Bureau of Mulan County: 86-451-7082258

Jixing Police Station of Mulan County: 86-451-7028025

The Second Police Station of Mulan County: 86-451-7082253, 7088770

The Security Section of Mulan County Government: 86-451-7086169