(Clearwisdom.net) The World Daily reported that on November 9, 2001, after several hundred merchants at the 46th National Medical Instruments Exposition, had their meal that was provided at the conference, there were nearly 200 people with upset stomachs. This lasted until early the next morning. Among them, there were around sixty or seventy people who had serious cases of vomiting and diarrhea. Nearly 100 people had to be hospitalized.

According to Mr. Feng, who is from a medical instrument company in Beijing, he only had the baked eggplant and braised pig ear, then in the evening his stomach was upset. He did not feel better even when he took some medicine. In the early morning of November 10, the pain was too severe to even walk. After vomiting up the meal, he even vomited stomach bile and blood. The symptoms seemed to indicate that he had taken raticide. [a chemical for killing rats]

The following is the previous report from Clearwisdom.net about the atrocity at the Nanshan Detention Center


Many Falun Gong practitioners were tortured in the Nanshan Detention Center, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. The tortures used were so cruel and debased that they were absolutely outrageous and beyond the ability of words to describe. There will be one day in history when the crimes that happened in this evil den full of horrific atrocities will be exposed to the world. Here's one case of how a young healthy female teacher with an optimistic and cheerful nature was tortured to the point of mental collapse.

Wang Xiaodong, female, was a teacher of Nanshan District Foreign Language School in Shenzhen City. She had been dismissed because she appealed for Falun Gong in Beijing. On April 29, 2000, she was illegally detained in the Nanshan Detention Center. On July 13, 2000, she was sentenced to two years of forced labor and put into the Sanshui Female Labor Camp. However, in the middle of August 2000, a legal medical expert group from Foshan City diagnosed her with a "prison type" mental disease with the symptom of losing her ability to have normal behaviour. It was less than 100 days from the day she was put into the detention center to the day she was diagnosed as having a mental illness. How did it happen?

Since being imprisoned, in order to protest the illegal detention, Wang Xiaodong had been on a hunger strike several times and refused to wear the criminal uniform. However, the wardens brutally tortured her. Later, she wrote letters to the higher authorities and the people's procuratorate (a judicial system) to report the facts of the persecution imposed on her and other Falun Gong practitioners. However, Wang Churong, the director of the Nanshan Detention Center, did not submit it to higher authorities. On the contrary, he showed the letter to a vicious guard, Li Yanzhi. As a result, they began their retaliation. They transferred Wang Xiaodong from cell No.6 to cell No.1, which was notorious for torturing detainees.

Wang Xiaodong went on a hunger strike in the new cell, then as a punishment, all inmates were not served food for a whole day. This stirred up the inmates' hostility and resentment towards Wang Xiaodong. After that incident, the inmates beat and insulted Wang Xiaodong whenever they were not satisfied with her. Everyday she was punished with various methods. The detention center director, Wang Churong, and guard, Li Yanzhi, thought Wang Xiaodong did not cooperate and should be further persecuted.They gathered a group of four criminal leaders to hold meetings several times in order to discuss how to persecute Wang Xiaodong. For a long time they put a pair of 80-pound shackles on her that were almost the same as her body weight. They assigned two inmates to monitor her 24 hours a day and record what Ms. Wang said and did. The two inmates made up some things that Ms. Wang did not say.

Wang Xaiodong became extremely emaciated and feeble. She was too weak to stand, and could not walk at all. Two inmates dragged her back and forth every day. The shackle rings cuffing her ankles had dug deeply into her muscles, which caused her ankles to fester and bleed. It was extremely painful when the iron ring directly rubbed on the bone. But director Wang Churong still did not take the shackle off. Ms. Wang's festered ankles became worse. A few months after Wang Xiaodong was transferred to the Sanshui Labor Camp, her legs and feet remained swollen for several months. Policemen in the Sanshui Labor Camp had never seen or heard of a person being tortured to such a state with only a shackle.

Because Wang Xiaodong could not walk, two inmates dragged her to the bathroom, and left her lying on the floor. Wang Xiaodong could not move and had to sleep in the bathroom during the night. When an inmate went to the bathroom, she first dragged Ms. Wang out. After finishing using the bathroom, the inmate dragged her back into the bathroom. It happened everyday. Anyone who showed sympathy to her would be punished harshly. Once an inmate just said one word to show her sympathy to Ms. Wang, then the guard Li did not allow her to purchase anything for three weeks.

Something most inhuman happened one afternoon. The guard Li instigated a criminal (one criminal who was one of the four criminal leaders in the detention center and in charge of arranging who was on duty everyday), to pierce Wang Xiaodong's insteps and lower legs with a needle used for handiwork. Wang Xiaodong's feet and legs were covered with bleeding needle sticks. Ms. Wang tried to endure the extreme pain. If she shouted, she would be beaten in the face with slippers. But actually it was no use for her to shout. The torture lasted for almost one hour and many criminals witnessed the brutal torture.

On the same night, the persecution escalated. Around 1:00am, the two criminals, who were monitoring Ms. Wang, wanted to sleep. They made a string with thin threads and tied Wang's hands tightly together, and forced her hands to be pressed under her body. With 80-pound shackles and hands tied behind her, she could neither turn her body nor sit up. Her hands were pressed and quickly lost circulation becoming numb and swollen. The criminals beat her if she made any noises. It was really horrible, even worse than death. The torture lasted for six and a half hours until the next morning when a policeman was patrolling the cells. The criminals untied her, and Wang Xiaodong reported loudly to the policeman about the torture she had received. The policeman just left without a reply. Two hours later, another policeman came to patrol the cells. With the string with which she was tied the night before, Ms. Wang reported to this policeman the torture, but the police ignored her as well. The criminals laughed at her arrogantly, grabbed the strings from her hands and threatened her, "Do you dare to report us again? We aren't afraid even though you report us to the director. Wait and see how we will torture you tonight!" Ms. Wang was in deep horror. Later, an old doctor in the detention center went patrolling the cells. Wang reported again to the old doctor about the torture of being pierced and tied up the previous night. She asked the doctor to tell the director. The doctor shook his head with sympathy and went away.

Long-term brutal persecution made Ms. Wang almost collapse. The detention center officials not only did not provide any physical examination or treatment, but also did not give any treatment to her injured feet. Her family asked to visit her many times but they were not allowed. On July 13, 2000, when Ms. Wang was sent to the Sanshui Labor Camp, Wang Xiaodong was extremely thin and there were bruises all over her body. Her muscles atrophied, her ankles were festered and her legs were extremely swollen. She looked sluggish in her eyes. She had no ability to speak, and had no response. Even when she was tortured to such a state, Zeng, the director of the Politics and Security Section of Nanshan District Police Department, and Wang Churong, the director of the Nanshan Detention Center, drove to the Sanshui Female Labor Camp to cover up their crimes and plan further persecution. Not until over a month later did Wang's family find out her whereabouts. But at that time the delayed treatment could not make up for her terrible condition.

Within just over two months, a healthy person was persecuted to such a miserable state. Those vicious people who persecuted Wang Xiaodong bragged, "What is the result of not giving up practicing? Wang Xiaodong is the model."

The Nanshan Detention Center used brutal and inhuman means in order to force Dafa practitioners to give up their practice. They used false numbers in their "conversion rate" report, making the results seem higher than they actually were. The torture used even became the model for other areas. The so-called "Nanshan Experience," was just arbitrary arrest, imprisonment, prison sentence and violence. This was insanely trampling on human rights and breaking the law. If this was the advanced experience to be promoted, where are our country and people heading? It is a heavenly principle that good is rewarded with good and evil is met with evil. How could all of these atrocities not incur disasters and tragedies?

The land and the environment nurture people of a region. The crime of persecuting Dafa committed by the local authorities could also affect the local people. To find out the truth, and stop Jiang Zemin's criminal regime from persecuting Dafa and practitioners is the responsibility of every person who is looking forward to a bright future.