1. One summer night, a female practitioner went to a town government compound to distribute Dafa materials. The moment she arrived at the gate of the yard, five dogs suddenly rushed out. Should the dogs bark, the household would be alarmed. Right away, a thought came into the practitioner's mind : I am doing salvation work for the sentient beings, you should not bark, go back immediately! As soon as she sent forth the righteous thought, the five dogs silently dropped their heads and obediently went back into the yard. The practitioner successfully distributed the materials and left.

2. On an autumn night, as a male practitioner finished posting Dafa truth-clarifying materials onto the last utility poles along the county's outer circle road, he turned around and saw a police car behind him. The practitioner kept his mind calm and recited in his heart Teacher's verse "The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated." The door of the police car opened and two plain-clothes policemen jumped out--then rushed into a roadside store instead of arresting the practitioner. The practitioner left safely.

3. A Dafa materials printing center in a female practitioner's home was destroyed. The police took the female practitioner to the station and locked her in a room. The female practitioner thought of an idea: I must walk out of here and continue to do Dafa work. Soon, all the policemen disappeared and she was left in the room alone. Unhurriedly, she walked out of the police station. At present, the female practitioner is living in another city and doing Dafa-validating work.