The Labor Camp at Fuxin City, Liaoning Province has taken a new approach to intensify the persecution of Dafa practitioners and to make them finally submit.

On June 21, 2001, six Dafa practitioners were transferred from convict group number Six to number Two, where the camp's officials decided to apply extra pressure to make them submit and give up their practice. However, the six practitioners still refused to cooperate with the camp's activities. The warden dragged them to the work site, but to no avail. After receiving a severe thrashing, the practitioners still maintained their righteous stand.

Later, the Director personally drove to the camp to find out what was happening. Then, led by Deputy Commander Xin Hongshun and Executive Officer Tongchao, the staff started torturing three of the practitioners: Wang Yuemin, Gong Yanming and Du Guoming. They first handcuffed them to chairs, and with two electric batons--one with extra high voltage--they repeatedly shocked the practitioners on their necks, faces, heads, and arms. When these maniacs saw the three were unyielding, they went wild and left the electric batons on the practitioners' bodies with the voltage set on maximum. Wang's hands and arms immediately swelled up enormously with huge blisters, and Gong's face and neck were totally covered with blisters. As for Du, the handcuffs cut into his wrist so badly that blood was running all over. Nevertheless, the torture went on.

On the morning of June 22, 2001, the number Two group leader began torturing Lu Dawei, Lu Tao and Shang Yingkun, who had begun a hunger-strike protest. They were each taken to a separate room, and after having their clothes removed, they were shocked with electric batons all over their bodies. The guards used two electric batons simultaneously on Shang Yingkun and Lu Tao. They used four batons at the same time on Lu Dawei, as he had vowed not to submit. And, almost twice daily, they force-fed Lu Dawei. Lu Dawei has since been transferred to an unidentified detention center.

On June 22, 2001, similar treatment was meted out to group number Six. All Dafa practitioners were made to line up on the verandah and questioned one by one. They were asked if they would follow the camp instructions, participate in labor activities, and whether they would wear the uniforms provided, and so on. Those who refused to go along with any of these unreasonable demands were taken to an office where they became punching bags for four or five bloodthirsty guards, and were simultaneously shocked with two electric batons at the same time. Mi Zhongsheng was so severely shocked that he threw up many times. All the other Dafa practitioners were also subjected to varying degrees of torture.