(Clearwisdom.net) During this period where the Chinese regime is abusing its powers to persecute Dafa and Dafa practitioners, the Chongqing female labor camp has illegally detained a total of about 300 Dafa practitioners since November 1999. Among them, the youngest is age 19 and the oldest is almost 70-years old. From the first day that practitioners were sent to the labor camp, it was as though they were sent to a veritable hell on earth. We are disclosing the real situation of how the policemen in the labor camp tortured and maimed practitioners using different instruments of torture and physical punishment.

1. They Used Various Means of Deceit to Deceive Dafa Practitioners

The police lied to practitioners who were newly sent to the labor camp, "All the Dafa practitioners who were sent here had written the guarantee statement" [to guarantee not to do four things, namely, not to go to Beijing, not to appeal to the government to stop the persecution of Falun Gong, not to take part in Falun Gong activities and not to associate with other practitioners,] so as to trick practitioners into writing statements. Actually, the majority of the practitioners who came in previously did not write any such statement. They forced visiting family members to coerce the practitioner to give up their cultivation practice before they were allowed to visit. Otherwise, the family members were not allowed to visit no matter how far they had traveled. They made practitioners listen to the reports written by those who had enlightened along the evil path (those who had been successfully brainwashed and renounced Falun Gong). They forcibly dragged and escorted practitioners to the Middle Team in which those who had given up cultivation practice were specially detained. They then reported to external parties that this practitioner had already given up cultivation practice.

2. They Sealed Dafa practitioners' Mouths with Yellow Packing Tape to Prevent Them From Speaking out Words of Justice.

Dafa practitioners resolutely rejected the reports, television programs, broadcasts and bulletin board news slandering Dafa and did not give the authorities any audience. Practitioners recited Dafa or Teacher's articles or spoke out the truth, "Falun Dafa is the Orthodox Fa, Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance are the principles of the universe, Teacher Li is the supreme Buddha." In the face of the truth of the universe, the vicious forces trembled with fear. They became frightened of the Dafa practitioners' Fa-rectification efforts and actions.

The policemen that were controlled by the vicious forces used despicable means on many occasions. They stuffed practitioners' mouths with rags, dirty socks, and dirty towels and then sealed their mouths with yellow packing tape. Only the nostrils were left unblocked to allow them to barely breathe. To prevent practitioners from tearing off the yellow tape, they handcuffed practitioners' hands behind their backs. They ordered 2 to 3 people to escort practitioners to listen to the slanderous reports or watch television programs containing propaganda against Falun Gong. Practitioners' mouths were sealed, but they expressed their opposition and resistance by standing up. However once practitioners made any movement, the escorts would beat them and then forcibly press them to the ground to continue listening to the slanderous reports. In order to force practitioners to watch the concocted "Self-immolation Incident" videotape, the heads of the team personally sealed up practitioners' mouths with yellow packing tape and handcuffed them. Practitioners used all their might to resist; as a result all practitioners present at the scene were brutally beaten. Some ferocious guards even used small wooden benches to pound practitioners until the benches were broken.

Under such violent battering, Dafa practitioners still stubbornly resisted. In the process, the policemen at the labor camp acted as tools for the vicious forces. The wicked policewoman in the No.2 Middle team, Liu Yongqin, persecuted practitioners and is guilty of unforgivable crimes. Once she seized a practitioner's hair and forcibly pulled her into the office. Liu stuffed up the practitioner's mouth with a dirty towel and sealed it up with yellow packing tape. The practitioner was almost suffocated. Later the practitioner looked squarely at her. But Liu said that she would tape up her eyes so she could not look at her. In the end, only the nose of this practitioner was not taped up so that she could breathe. But Liu was not satisfied, she did not leave until she asked others to handcuff both the practitioner's hands and hang the practitioner up with both feet suspended in the air. Vicious policeman Yu Qinghua kicked practitioners with heavy leather boots. Vicious policeman Chen Liqun told the escorts several times, "As long as the face is not hurt, anything can be done [to torture practitioners]..."

3. Escorts in Collaboration With Wardens to Persecute Dafa Practitioners

The labor camp authorities specially selected strong and tall criminal inmates to act as their personal "hatchet men." They monitored practitioners' every word and movement 24-hours a day. They were allowed to wantonly hit, verbally abuse, tie up or handcuff practitioners. They could also confiscate practitioners' pens and paper and personal items for daily use if they wanted. Many practitioners were beaten until their noses were battered, faces swollen, and bruised all over the body. Many practitioners were punished by being forced to stand for long periods of time, with hands raised above their heads while holding a urinal pot. In the winter, while being forced to stand for long periods of time, practitioners were only permitted to be clad in their undergarments in the freezing cold weather. They kicked at practitioners using martial arts style "flying kicks" aimed at their lower backs and kidney area and stomped on this same area with both feet. They also stabbed at practitioners' eyes with needles. Practitioners reported this situation to the labor camp authorities and the department administrators several times but they ignored the complaints. Even under such adverse conditions, practitioners were still steadfast in their cultivation of Dafa with their hearts unmoved.

4. Savage Torture used to Torment Practitioners

Dafa practitioners have been using all kinds of methods to resist the evil, such as reciting Teacher's articles as a group, doing exercises, going on hunger strikes, refusing to "call out numbers" in a head count check and refusing to wear prisoner uniforms, etc. All of these practitioners' righteous actions were met with persecution and abuse by the authorities.

The persecution that they suffered was as follows:

1) Handcuffs and other torture instruments:

The lighter punishment would be to handcuff one's hands behind the back. Otherwise, they handcuffed practitioners in the position of "Carrying a Sword on the Back." The practitioner's hands were handcuffed behind his back with one hand pulled over the shoulder to the back of the head and the other hand twisted from under the waist to lower back. The police then applied a great deal of force to pull the two hands towards one another and handcuff the two hands together. A practitioner handcuffed this way cannot move much or the handcuffs will become tighter. After being handcuffed this way for more than one hour, it would already be unbearably painful and both arms would become numb. But policemen tortured practitioners with this method for half a day or an entire day.

The most brutal method was named "duck floating." After being handcuffed in the position of "Carrying a Sword on the Back," both feet are tied together. Then the hands and feet are further tied to one another. A person handcuffed this way had his face facing downwards and back facing upwards with a small wooden bench to prop him up on his chest such that he is pivoted in the air on the bench. [Note: Since the slightest movement would cause the handcuffs to tighten or the person to fall off the bench and injure themselves, an enormous amount of physical tolerance under unbearable pain was required of the person subjected to this torture.]

The most common method was to handcuff the practitioner and then hang him up. Persons handcuffed this way had both feet off the ground or only their toes touching the ground. The pain was extremely unbearable. More often than not, those who were handcuffed behind the back did not have their handcuffs removed even during the sleeping period. The duration of the handcuffing period varied from half a day to 3 months. The handcuffs were not removed even during meal times, and practitioners had to be fed by others. During the handcuffing period, practitioners were neither allowed to wash up nor sleep. The wrists of practitioners who were tortured with handcuffs were bleeding, inflamed, swollen and numb. All feeling in their arms would be lost for an extended time and their hands trembled from nerve damage. They had difficulty holding on to their food bowls and chopsticks, not to mention other heavy things.

2) Punishment by forcing to stand or squat for a long time .

The labor camp often gave physical punishment to practitioners. Practitioners did not acknowledge they were criminals and refused to participate in the education through labor. Therefore, they were punished by being forced to stand for more than one month or squat for more than 3 months as a group. Among these practitioners, there were several elderly women who were over 60 years old.

5. Illegally Extended Detention Time - They did not Release Practitioners Upon the Expiry of the original Detention Period.

The majority of the practitioners who were illegally detained had their detention periods illegally extended. Even when the extended detention periods were over, they were not released. Now there are a lot of practitioners whose detention periods were over but still illegally detained.

The list of vicious policemen who persecuted Dafa practitioners in the labor camp:

Wang Zhitao, Chen Liqun, Yu Qinghua, Liu Yongqin, He Zhonglin, Li Chaozhen and Hu Mei.

The purpose of writing this article is to tell those who are assisting the evil to stop doing so immediately, otherwise, when the truth is disclosed to the world, you will come to an unimaginably miserable end.

November 7, 2001