• The "610 Office" Kidnaps Dafa Disciples and Forces them into a Brainwashing Class
  • The Criminal Records of the Evil in Miaohou Town, Xixia City
  • Tsinghua Graduate Student Wang Zhiqiang is Kidnapped
  • A Little Three-year-old Disciple's Righteous Thoughts

[Guiyang City, Guizhou Province] The "610 Office" Kidnaps Dafa Disciples and Forces them into a Brainwashing Class

The "610 Office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] of Guizhou Province was illegally holding a brainwashing class in early November at the Zhongba Labor Camp in Guiyang. The vicious thugs kidnapped Dafa disciples from their work units or schools and forced them into a brainwashing class. Over 20 Dafa disciples have been kidnapped across the province, including some university students. When a female university student was being kidnapped, her clothes were torn and her shoes came off. The "610 Office" extorted 2,000 yuan (equal to 3 months average income of an urban worker in China) from each practitioner's work unit or school. The evil also declared that no practitioners would be released who didn't yield. The practitioners' family members were also warned not to reveal any news about the brainwashing class to others.

[Xixia City, Shandong Province] The Criminal Record of the Evil in Miaohou Town of Xixia City

At 6 o'clock on the morning of September 30, 2001, over ten people led by Liu Shenyun, an officer of the local town government, and Director Fan of the local police substation, broke into Dafa disciple Hu Zhixiang's house in Zaitou Village. They captured her and took her to the brainwashing class held by the "610 Office" in Xixia City. Then they went to Louxikuang Village in an attempt to capture Dafa disciple Lin Xianfeng. Over ten people broke into her house; however, she avoided capture using her wisdom. Failing to find her, the vicious thugs went to Party Secretary Lin Peiqing's house in the village and he verified that Lin Xianfeng was at home. Later, they rummaged through over ten rooms of Lin's house again and still couldn't find her; instead, they captured another Dafa disciple in the village.

In order to fulfill the task of capturing Dafa disciples issued by the city government, the thugs forcibly captured 70-year-old Dafa disciple, Sun Maozhang, and a female disciple in Wulin Village and took them to the brainwashing class. While doing physical examinations, they found that Sun Maozhang had high blood pressure. Because they were afraid that it might cause death they released him. Before releasing him, they asked him to denounce Teacher and Dafa. Sun refused sternly, telling them that, "I have been teaching all my life, but I have never taught my students to shout abuses." The vicious ones had nothing to say and released him.

[Beijing City] Tsinghua Graduate Student Wang Zhiqiang is Kidnapped

According to a news article that appeared on Clearwisdom.net entitled "Tsinghua Graduate Student Wang Zhiqiang Disappears in Beijing," on October 29, 2001, a graduate student, Wang Zhiqiang, was detained at 44 Banbuqiao, Xuanwu District, Beijing. That is a notorious place for detaining prisoners from the 7th Department of the Beijing Public Security Bureau. The sign hanging in front says, "Beijing Public Security Bureau Detention Center." That means, the 7th Department of Beijing Public Security Bureau, a department especially established to handle "big and important" cases, captured Wang Zhiqiang. People of goodwill, please pay attention to Wang Zhiqiang's urgent situation.

[China] A Little Three-year-old Disciple's Righteous Thoughts

One evening, I was waiting in a car with a little three-year-old disciple in an out-of-the-way place. I asked him, "If you're here alone and a scoundrel came, what would you do." The little disciple is a quiet child, especially when he is with someone he doesn't know well. He was different this time. He widened his eyes and said very carefully and solemnly, "He won't come." Then he said it again with emphasis. I was surprised at his reply. It's true that a three-year-old child has only pure, righteous thoughts. "One righteous thought subdues all evils." (from Zhuan Falun) In front of a great, indestructible Dafa disciple, all that is bad, vicious, or brutal will all disappear.

November 8, 2001