Jiang Zemin is Making Trouble Out of Nothing

One day, a practitioner's husband went to a village. While he was dining with village cadres, a secretary spoke about Falun Gong: "I'm sure Falun Gong will have its reputation restored sooner or later, because the practitioners don't do bad deeds. The Tiananmen self-immolation event was fabricated. Really, Jiang Zemin is making trouble out of nothing."

A Manager Bravely Steps Forward to Protect a Practitioner

Before the Jiang Zemin regime began persecuting Falun Gong, a film company was always losing money. The manager was beside himself because staff members who were responsible for selling tickets always misappropriated the money. One day, he thought, "It is said Falun Gong stresses Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance. A practitioner should sell the tickets. I will see what will happen." After the practitioner was on duty, profit from ticket sales suddenly jumped up, and the company's financial condition started getting better. After July 20,1999, the practitioner went out to validate Dafa, and police came to the company to arrest her. The manager stepped forward bravely: "You can arrest anyone except her! My company relies on her. Without her, who will be responsible if the company goes bankrupt?" The police had to give up. The practitioner kept on spreading Dafa wherever she went. Someone asked her in confusion: "Even now you dare to say Falun Dafa is good in public?" She replied with a smile: "Don't worry. My manager is supporting my practice of Falun Dafa!"

Passerby: "Don't Be Afraid! I'm a Good Guy!"

When a practitioner was posting Dafa flyers, a passerby encountered him/her. The practitioner became a little anxious. The passerby said at once: "Don't be afraid. I'm a good guy!" When he was saying he was a good guy, he was very proud.

After Jiang Zemin's two years of lies and persecution of Falun Dafa, not only is Falun Dafa not losing its brightness, but also tens of thousands of deceived people are awakening. More and more people are realizing what is really good, what is really bad, what is kind, and what is evil. Dafa flyers can be seen on streets all over the city. Few people will tear them down. Some ordinary people have commented in public: "Falun Gong practitioners are doing well. They are good people. In two years of persecution, Jiang Zemin has not been able to point out any mistakes or shortcomings of Falun Gong. All that he can do is put some hollow labels on them. The XX Party, on the contrary, likes beer and scuffles, indulges in whoring, gambling, bribery, and misappropriates funds. They are totally corrupt. How good it would be if they practiced Falun Dafa."