1. "Don't do that kind of bad thing any more."

In one city in China, the police station came up with a vicious idea: to mobilize retired seniors citizens to collect Falun Gong flyers and banners for the reward of 0.50 RMB per flyer. One old man collected dozens of flyers and put them in a plastic bag. However, as he was happily running towards the police station to claim his reward, he suddenly fell down and lost consciousness. His wife told her son about what happened, and he rushed to the site. With just a glance, his son immediately realized what had happened. Although he didn't practice Falun Gong, he saw a statement on the flyer that said, "Whoever removes this will receive retribution." Thus, he carried his father home and repeatedly told him, "Don't do that kind of bad thing any more."

2. "I'll never peel it off again"

There was an old stubborn man in one city in China. One day, he stood underneath an electric pole, pointed at the Falun Gong flyers on the pole, and said to the people around, "This says whoever peels it off will receive retribution. That's just trying to scare people. I peeled off several of them and I've never had any problems. Watch, I'll show you." With that, he stretched out his arm and tried to peel it off. Suddenly, however, he felt a strong headache. He held his head with his hands and shouted loudly, "I'm convinced, I'm convinced, I'll never peel one off again." The people around him were all laughing. From that point on, nobody peeled the flyers from that area.