Zhang Yingpo, from the Judicial Section of Yitong County Public Security Bureau, and Huang Naiquan, from the 610 Office, work together to extort enormous amounts of money from Falun Gong practitioners and their families. They threaten Falun Gong practitioners' families using despicable methods such as, taking advantage of the families' fear of getting into trouble, fear of their loved ones being tortured, or having their loved ones sent to labor camps without any money. So far, they have illegally extorted 231,000 Yuan (Chinese dollar, the average monthly income of an urban worker is about 500 Yuan). They have issued receipts for only 159,000 Yuan; leaving 72,000 Yuan unaccounted for. They have made up all kinds of excuses for not writing receipts for the money they have stolen from these families.

We have tallied the amount of 231,000 Yuan by talking to 26 Falun Gong practitioners. Additional money has been spent on dinners and gifts these families have given to Zhang and Huang. We are still investigating and more detailed information will be made known in the future. Zhang and Huang have threatened the families not to reveal what has been going on to anyone.

Recently, Zhang was fired from his job and dismissed from the XX Party because of his corrupt financial activities. It is another example of "Good is rewarded and evil is punished". We solemnly warn Huang Naiquan to admit his guilt and return all the extorted money to these families; otherwise, retribution is imminent.

Female practitioner Zhao Shuqin from Xinxing Town of Yitong County was illegally arrested and sent to a labor camp during the central government's annual meeting in 2001. She has been sent home twice from the labor camp because she is a disabled person. Vicious people from Xinxing have taken all her money, belongings, and even her tools. Because her family does not have money, Zhao is still detained in the Yitong County Detention Center. We call for all kindhearted people to pay attention to her situation.

Once again, we solemnly warn those vicious people in Yitong County in Jilin Province: Do not treat Falun Gong practitioners' compassion and forbearance as something you can take advantage of; do not become accomplices of Jiang Zemin's gang in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners against your consciences; immediately release all imprisoned practitioners, and stop the persecution.

November 5, 2001