(Clearwisdom.net) I am a female practitioner in China, and over 50 years old. Before I practiced Falun Gong, my health had always been very poor. In March 1993, I suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. The blood flowed from my heart to my brain, and I lost coordination in my hands and feet. I was in so much pain that I would rather die than live. I was so lucky to attain the Fa in 1997. Through years of diligent practice, my xinxing (mind and heart nature) had been upgraded and all my illnesses and syndromes had disappeared. When I firmly made up my mind to follow my Teacher closely until the end, until the moment of reaching consummation, the evil forces started their evil persecution of Falun Dafa. The persecution has been escalating daily and has become more and more vicious. As a Dafa practitioner, my heart is as clear as crystal. Seeing Dafa encounter such a terrible persecution, my heart is hurting as if being cut by a knife. As a particle of Dafa, I have the responsibility to tell people in the world about the truth of Falun Dafa and safeguard it.

On March 5 2000, I went to appeal in Beijing. I was brought back by policemen from Guangzhou City Police Department and was detained for 15 days afterwards. After being released, I did the exercises in the park to promote Dafa. On June 18, 2000, I was once again arrested and my home was ransacked. Because the evil policemen found my Teacher's articles and the truth-clarifying banners at my home, they sent me directly to a detention center. On August 7, 2000, I was sent to the Provincial Labor Education Center. While in detention, we lived an inhuman life. Everyday, we had to do more than 10 hours' labor. We were not allowed to do the exercises or study the Fa even for half an hour. One day, we woke up early and immediately began our exercises. The guards found out and called the drug addicts to drag, pull, and beat us. We disobeyed them and still kept doing our exercises. To stop us, they then fixed our arms and legs with handcuffs. Sometimes, we did our exercises when the guards were not paying attention. Even so, sometimes we were beaten and cursed by the drug addicts.

One time, the guards wanted us to fill out a form and to take pictures of us. We did not cooperate with them because we did not commit any crime and we just wanted to have the right to practice Falun Dafa openly. However, they not only cursed us but also handcuffed us.

One day in September, some people from another team were about to be released because they had been successfully forced to give up their beliefs. The guards also brought them to us and said that we should learn from them and if we could do what they had done we could also be released earlier. The guards even asked them to give speeches to us. Under the evil forces' instructions, some of them even cursed Teacher and Dafa. We stood up immediately and shouted, "Falun Dafa is good" and "Falun Dafa is the righteous Law". Because of this, we were again beaten badly. Practitioner Deng Shujuan was beaten so badly that blood was all over her knees, face, head, and neck. She was then locked up in a dark chamber. Moreover, 5 or 6 drug addicts were instructed to beat her. Deng's buttocks were beaten until they were swollen and black and blue.

On September 18 2000, we were transferred to cell 205 in the 3rd team. The door was immediately locked from outside when we 6 practitioners entered the room. We took this opportunity to do the sitting meditation. The guards then yelled at us and verbally abused us. They came in to separate us and they did not allow us to talk to each other.

Our bodies were frequently searched for no reason and our room was often searched and became messy. Once, after our family members came to visit us, we were forced to take off our pants for a body search when we came back in. This was degrading and an unbearable insult. However, we have always been spreading the Fa and teaching those drug addicts who beat us how to be good people. Practitioner Ou Bingtan spread Dafa to a young drug addict and gradually guided her to attain Dafa. This young lady likes to hear things about Dafa. However, because of this, the guards locked up the young lady in a solitary confinement cell for days. There were often Dafa-defaming articles posted in the newspapers. The guards usually copied and stuck them on the back of the door and forced us to read. Practitioner Liu Fang tore the papers off and was thus locked up in the solitary confinement cell for days.

I was released on parole half a year later on February 7, 2001 because I exhibited high blood pressure and syndromes of many diseases and could not work.