(Clearwisdom.net) In March 2001, Tangshan City's Kaiping District Labor Camp authorities (First Female Team of Hebei Province's No. 1 Labor Camp) sent guard Wei Qun and others to Masanjia Labor Camp for "study." In fact, what they learned were the vicious methods that Masanjia Labor Camp used to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. Since October 1, officials in Kaiping Labor Camp started "isolated persecution" against practitioners. They didn't allow practitioner's families' to visit and mentally broke practitioners. Every cell was equipped with an intercom system, which loudly broadcast materials against Falun Gong, from 6:00 a.m. in the morning to 10:00 p.m. at night. The guards instigated and ordered criminals to beat and curse practitioners. It was an incentive for the criminals to torture the practitioners, because the criminals' detention terms would be shortened. Most of these criminals were drug addicts. They were callous and cruel, speaking abusive and dirty language. These depraved people often tied up and hung up practitioners under the approval of the guards. Among the hoodlums, the most vicious were Gao Yunbo, Zhao Lijun, Li Zhenqing and Zhao Xiaohong.

Urged on by the guards, criminal Zhao Xiaohong pulled fifty-five-year old practitioner Yin Xiuyun down from the upper bunk bed, which fractured her toes. Practitioners asked the guards to bring Yin Xiuyun to a hospital for physical examination, but the guards completely ignored the request.

Falun Gong practitioners were brutally beaten up because of practicing the exercises and reciting the Fa. On many occasions, guard Liu Liying, a 25 year old female, directed criminal Li Zhijing to brutally and continuously beat up those practitioners who were being detained at the No. 3 sub-team's No.2 class until late at night. Every time, when criminal Li Zhijing returned to her cell after brutally beating practitioners, she was exhausted and drenched in sweat. This was the extent to which she exerted herself in displaying her viciousness toward Dafa practitioners.

Female guard Liu Liying was very vicious. She was the most fierce and malicious one among the guards persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. She shocked practitioner Kang Shuxiang's mouth with an electric baton and said, "Don't you want De [virtue]? I will give you all of it!" Kang Shuxiang's mouth was severely swollen after the shock.

On January 1, 2001, our great Teacher published the article "Beyond the Limits of Forbearance." Under many difficulties, this article was brought into the labor camp. In order to let practitioners in other cells also get to know the article, practitioners in some cells recited the article loudly, facing the passageway. Practitioners in other cells also started to recite Teacher's article when they heard it. This action effectively suppressed the vicious forces and frightened the guards. From January 16, 2001, they started a new round of persecution against practitioners, which they had secretly plotted for a long time.

On January 16, led by Xu Deshan, director of the labor camp, all the policemen brutally dragged Falun Gong practitioners, while beating and kicking them, to the exercise yard, garden, and the pig pens, and then hung them from the trees. Some were hung and subjected to the bitter cold for an entire night. About one hundred practitioners were tied up and hung up.

On January 19, the thugs abused Falun Gong practitioners more brutally. From 6:00 a.m. in the morning until 8:00 p.m. at night, they brutally beat up and also shocked practitioners with electric batons. Among the practitioners being tortured were Xu Youlan, Zhang Yuqing, Mo Yuru, Cai Shumei, Wang Yanming, Fu Weiping, Li Wei, Hao Jianling, and Dang Lihua. Li Wei, Fu Weiping, Hao Jianling, Dang Lihua were tortured the most severely.

Among about twenty vicious male policemen who persecuted the practitioners were: Wang Xueli, Zhang Jianzhong, Wang Jianzhong, Cai XX, and others. They shocked practitioners with electric batons. The tragic cries heard from practitioners was heart-breaking. On that day, when thug Wang Xueli led other male policemen to shock practitioner Fu Weiping, they were so brutal that the electric baton didn't leave her face and mouth and they continuously shocked her. They pulled off her cotton gloves and shocked her fingers, one by one. After they shocked her on the exercise yard, they dragged her to the meeting room and forced her to kneel down. Wang Xueli shocked her face, head, and neck for a long time. Vicious thug Wang Xueli was in a murderous looking state and shouted vicious words, like a demon. Until they dragged in another practitioner, Xu Youlan, Wang Xueli shouted to other two policemen, "Drag Fu Weiping outside." Then they made her stay outside in the freezing weather.

Vicious thug Wang Xueli and other were even more barbarous when they tortured practitioner Li Wei. They shocked Li Wei with three electric batons simultaneously. She was shocked so badly that she rolled on the ground in pain. They continued to torture her for a very long time and then kept her outside for a whole day, exposing her to the freezing weather.

Later, Wang Xueli tortured practitioners Hao Jianling, Xu Youlan with the same method. The electric batons they used were all newly re-charged.

After having been brutally tortured by thug Wang Xueli and others, practitioners, such as Li Wei, Fu Weiping and Hao Jianling's faces were severely swollen and covered with mud, which was too terrible to look at.

Guard Zhou Junming was cruel and spiteful and took advantage of his authority to torture practitioners. He locked up practitioner Li Wei and Hao Jianling in solitary confinement cells for more than 50 days. Thug Wang Xueli was extremely inhumane. When he came on duty at 9:00 p.m., he forcefully took practitioner Liang Zhiqin to his office and shocked her head with an electric baton. He had already tortured Liang Zhiqin for a long time that same day, in the morning. While he shocked her, he forced her to kneel down from 9 p.m. to midnight

One night, when thug Wang Xueli tortured practitioner Qi Yuna with an electric baton, he shocked her until she fell unconscious. Immediately after Qi Yuna regained conscious, the inhuman Wang Xueli shocked her again to the point of unconsciousness again. Looking at the dying practitioner Qi Yuna, Wang Xueli became frightened and said, "If she really dies, I would be put in jail." But the other two policemen, Yan Hongli and Wei Qun said, "We can produce false evidence for you." Qi Yuna shook all over and walked very slowly after the brutal torture.

After being tortured by Wang Xueli with the electric baton, practitioner Fu Weiping became disabled. The electric baton torture damaged the nerves in her legs and therefore she couldn't walk. Facing the vicious policemen's torture, the practitioners requested an appeal. Thug Zhou Junming said: "You have the right if it's given to you. You won't have it if it's not given to you." "You can post us on the Minghui Net or whatever Internet. I am not scared." Zhou Junming kicked and beat the practitioners. He also secretly instigated other police to torture practitioners.

Since January 16, 2001, the guards increased the persecution on Falun Gong practitioners. In May, the practitioners were frequently beaten up. In June, the police became more ferocious. We often heard screams from the cells: "They are beating practitioners again." In order to protest the brutal persecution, most of the practitioners went on a hunger strike. The guards force-fed practitioners even if they only missed one meal. The guards inserted the tube through the nose into their stomach. They beat practitioners if there was resistance.

For those Falun Gong practitioners who were newly kidnapped to the labor camp, the thugs tried to brainwash them. They continuously attacked practitioners, day and night. They tortured practitioners by forced sleep-deprivation and with fatigue tactics.

After being tortured by Wang Xueli, practitioner Fu Weiping lay on the bed and could not get up. A policeman pointed at her and said unconcerned, "You are still breathing." The lawless police officers had already lost all human nature.

Female police officer Wei Qun complacently said when torturing practitioners, "There must be orders from the top government; otherwise we would not treat you like this." This showed Jiang Zemin's contemptibility and impudence. He cooked up a scheme, fabricated the news and blinded the public, while on the other hand he ordered the insane persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

These mean methods, instigated by Jiang Zemin and carried out by police officers, are used to torture, to beat practitioners to death, to injure and disable. More and more the public is exposed to these vicious crimes and sees the police officers' crimes ever more clearly.

Now, we formally tell the policemen in the Kaiping Labor Camp: "You, Zhou Junming, Wang Xueli, Zhang Jianzhong, Wang Jianzhong, Cai XX, Liu Liying, Jia Fengmei, Yan Hongli, Wei Qun, Wei Tao, Qing Xiaoyan and Li Haoyi are hereby notified that a record has been kept of the crimes you have committed. You must immediately stop the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, give up these evil acts and return to the good side. Good is rewarded with good; evil meets with evil. This is the principle of the universe. If you continue to commit crimes, you will definitely be punished by the universal law and receive your retribution from heaven."

November 2, 2001