On October 26, 1999, I was illegally sentenced to one year in Heizuizi Female Labor Camp because I exercised my legal right to appeal and reported the truth about Falun Dafa. My sentence was extended for another 346 days for no other reason than that I persisted in telling the truth. I was released on October 6, 2001 unconditionally. The following is my account of what happened.

1. Severe violations of human rights and inhuman treatment

I found most of the guards were repeatedly verbally abusive. They used vulgar words as well as swear words. Our use of lavatory facilities was very limited. The meals were mostly clear light soups, so I constantly felt hungry. The guards monitored me closely. I was not allowed to speak to anyone nor was I allowed to read the newspaper. They even withheld the application I wrote for appeal.

2. My mental and physical health were severely damaged by overworking

In the labor camp, they forced us to work 15 --16 hours every day, sometimes longer. In July 2000, they combined all firm practitioners into a Discipline Class and increased our workloads. The eighteen of us had to carry the equivalent of two-truck-loads of book pages to the third floor and carry the same amount of paper from the third floor down to the ground. I was often sweating profusely. Because of the workload and the short water supply we could not take showers regularly, and were often quite smelly from the strenuous work. Damaged by the heavy labor and mental abuse, my left shoulder became lower than the right one, and I could not walk erect.

3. Beaten and tortured

I was verbally abused repeatedly. The guards shocked me three times with electric batons. The last two times, they used high voltages and burned some of my hair. My face and neck became swollen and deformed. I developed blisters on my face, small pustules on my neck, and swelling on my upper back. The black marks on my back remained for several months.

4. Ignoring the law and physical torture

The labor camp violated the law by forcing me to squat for 14 --15 hours each day for more than 40 days, because I insisted on my belief.

5. Creating false scenes to deceive the higher level leaders as well as the public

Whenever an inspection team came, the labor camp would change the meals and arrange entertainment. Whenever there was an investigation, they would find people to substantiate what the guards said. They would do their best to gloss over the situation and restrict me so I could not speak a word.

These were my personal experiences.