November 4, 2001

( The site of the brainwashing class [to force Falun Gong practitioners to give up Falun Gong] in the Maojian District of Shiyan City is enclosed with tall iron mesh fences, having only one open gate where people who enter and exit are monitored. The rooms where people are detained have no windows and therefore no ventilation. Activities of practitioners are severely restricted. The brainwashing class building is called this city's "fourth prison." The conditions here are very bad, those detained here have no freedom, and the "staff personnel" often beat practitioners cruelly and inhumanly. In order to cover up their evildoing, the guards gag the practitioners before beating them, muffling all sounds, and then hit their faces, pull their hair, handcuff them with their hands behind their backs, or confine them in a solitary cell to be further tortured.

The persons in charge of this brainwashing class are Mei Fang, former deputy head of the Science and Technology Bureau of this district and Liao Dafu, an officer from the city police department. These two publicly announced several times, "We will maliciously beat those of you who are not obedient. We don't care if a few of you die from the beating. If we kill you the government will just issue a certificate saying it is suicide." By orders of those two, security guards with professional Kungfu training were hired and paid high wages. Those guards often threaten practitioners with violence. More than ten practitioners have been handcuffed with hands behind their back and nearly everyone has been beaten and verbally abused. The villains brutally kicked practitioner Yu Jian until he suffered a broken rib; hit one elderly practitioner in the sixties until he (or she) became deaf, and handcuffed some practitioners' hands behind their backs for several months, causing loss of normal range of motion in their arms. In the evening, in threes and fives, or in pairs, using the excuse of doing a "cell inspection," they randomly entered male and female cells to make trouble and create havoc.

At 9 p.m. on October 24th, Mei Fang, the former deputy head, discovered someone in the women's No. 1 cell practicing the exercises. He kicked and hit the women with his fists. Then Liao Dafu forcefully handcuffed female practitioner Zhu Xirong with hands behind her back and dragged her outside to the courtyard for two and a half hours, causing her to lose consciousness several times. At 4 p.m. the next day, policeman Cai Xiaojun from the Sanyan Renminglu Police Station, on the pretext of making a written record, deceived female practitioner Fu Yijun to come into the office on the third floor. In front of other staff, Cai yanked Fu's hair and banged her head against the wall. He also hit her face with his fists and kicked her in the head. After this, he handcuffed her to the corridor railing for 12 hours. Zhu Xirong and Fu Yijun suffered bruises all over their bodies from these beatings. Another practitioner was so severely injured that he (or she) had to be sent to a hospital for examination. After these incidents, all the Dafa practitioners illegally detained there protested and went on a hunger strike that very evening, to request that the villains be punished.

All the practitioners here are steadfast in their faith in Dafa and will take every step well in this most difficult time during Fa rectification.