1. An elderly practitioner is applauded for clarifying the truth about Dafa

Practitioner Xu was shopping at the market one day during noontime and he heard more than a dozen people chatting about Falun Gong. One man said, 'Falun Gong is marvelous. No matter how it is suppressed, nobody seems to be able to crack it. You see, Falun Gong materials are everywhere now. Falun Gong is unbelievable!" In hearing this, Xu went over and declared, "I am a Falun Gong practitioner." Everybody turned their heads and looked at him.

"Look at me. I am close to seventy years old now, but I can carry a bag of potatoes that weighs 80 kilograms from the ground floor all the way to the sixth floor without any problems. Before practicing Falun Gong, I suffered from a stroke and had to be spoon-fed by my wife. After I practiced, my health has improved tremendously. It is Master Li Hongzhi who has saved me. Since I began practicing more than five years ago, I have never had to take any medication. I haven't even had a cold. This cultivation practice is so good, and yet Jiang Zemin will not allow us to practice. Isn't he vicious? Falun Gong is honored and freely practiced all over the world. It is only Jiang who has a problem. Who does he think he is anyway? You know, good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil. Those who go against Buddha will eventually go to hell."

Following Xu's experience sharing with this group of people, he received a long round of applause.

2. A teacher's slander of Falun Gong was ignored by his students

My nephew, who studies in a vocational school, told me last Sunday about something that happened in his class. He said that during a session on politics, his teacher slandered Falun Gong; however, nobody listened to him. The students, instead, chose to either read the truth clarifying materials about Falun Gong, or to chat with one another. The teacher was frustrated, yet could do nothing about it.

3. My colleague commended Falun Gong

One day, as I was about to clarify the truth about Dafa to a colleague of mine who does not practice Falun Gong, he jumped to the topic without waiting for me to begin. He said that the practitioners living around his block were amazing. They distributed materials about Falun Gong and he received these materials almost every day. In saying this, he pulled from his pocket some materials and showed me. He marveled, "How beautiful this is! The contents and the production are better than those of the newspapers. Falun Gong practitioners are really talented."

I was amazed. I did not expect that I would get such truth-clarifying materials from a non-practitioner. It seems that our efforts of clarifying the truth have been successful.