October 29, 2001

(Clearwisdom.net) In October 2000, I went to Beijing and was detained illegally in my hometown Police Station for a month. I did not obey the evil; I fasted for fifteen days. After I was released, I stayed at my mother's home. Because Jiang Zemin continued to order the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, I decided that I must go back to Beijing to rectify the Fa.

I sent my five-year-old son to live with my husband's parents, and on December 17, 2000, I went to Beijing with two other practitioners. We were arrested and sent to our local government's liaison office in Beijing where we began to fast. On the second day, they asked someone to send me to the bus station and let me go home myself. At that time, the driver persuaded me to go home. He told me, "You cannot stay in Beijing. The police can do anything to you. We discovered that the police in Tiananmen Square are not police; instead, they are ruffians and gangsters. They are paid thirty Yuan RMB a day. They arrest, beat, and even rob anyone they see. In the evening, they may even gang rape you female practitioners." When I heard about that, I felt cold shivers down my spine. However, I did not choose to go home, but stayed at the bus station for the night. I couldn't be scared by the evil.

On the second day I went to Tiananmen again. After I was arrested, I fasted for seven days at Changping Detention Center. When they force-fed me, I shouted "Falun Dafa is good." The doctor ordered male prisoners to handcuff me and shackle my feet. They poured two tubs of water on the ground and then they forced me to the ground. After that, they pulled me up, took off my shoes and dragged me to the courtyard and forced me to walk with the shackles on. At that time it was snowing. After two days, they finally opened my handcuffs and shackles. On the seventh evening, the vicious police released me and three other practitioners. They asked us to go home on our own. At that time, I didn't think the Fa had been rectified, so I could not go home.

On January 1, 2001, after I returned to my hometown, I went to Tiananmen again with three other practitioners . We unfurled three banners and shouted together, "Falun Dafa is good. Return the reputation to my teacher." We were again arrested and sent to Yanqing County in the Beijing area. After we fasted for five days, we were sent to our local government's liaison office in Beijing. They handcuffed me to a practitioner from Hebei Province. She threw off her shackles and jumped out of the window. After she jumped, I jumped too. I returned to my hometown wearing one handcuff. I talked with local practitioners about my experience in hopes that we would go to Beijing to rectify the Fa together. I came back to my city that night. In order to save money on the fare to Beijing, I walked in ice and snow for eight hours. My cotton-shoes had soaked through to my blistered feet.

When I arrived in Beijing, I slept outside in the suburbs of Beijing. On the second day, I went to Tiananmen and practiced there. Before I could finish the first set of exercises, a vicious policeman took me to his van. In the van, he told me to kneel. I said, "I do not kneel to anybody; I only kneel to my Master." He then hit me in my face many times.

Later on, I was sent to Xicheng District Detention Center. The next day, when the vicious police interrogated me, one said that if I told them my name and address, they would give me a Dafa book. (They confiscated many books.) I realized that Dafa is in my heart. It is impossible for them to truly give me a book. Their fraud was exposed.

Another one said that if I wouldn't tell them what they wanted to know, they would make me walk on Master's picture. One vicious policeman then tore a picture of Master and put it on the ground. They forced me to stomp on it. I rejected firmly and told them that I would die in order to protect Teacher's picture. They were flustered. They locked me to an iron chair. They still did not give up. They took two of Master's pictures and put them under my feet. When I saw Master's pictures, I couldn't help but cry. I thought in my heart that no matter what, my feet can't touch Master's picture. I must insist on that.

The vicious policemen pushed on my legs. I hadn't eaten for two days. They pushed hard, but they couldn't push my feet down. They said that my strength was rather powerful. Seeing my Master's pictures, I thought in my heart that I understood why this is happening. Eliminate the evil. Then I began to recite Lunyu and Hongyin. A short time after I started reciting, the evil police took Master's pictures away.

In the afternoon, I met a female practitioner from northwest China. One night, a policeman interrogated her. He had been drinking and his demon nature came out. He beat her breasts, scratched her vagina and twisted her arms. In addition to her fasting, she was tortured so that she couldn't walk. Later on, the ruffian was afraid of taking responsibility, so she was sent to a hospital and was examined. She told the ordinary people, "I am a Falun Gong practitioner. I do not have any illness. It is the police who beat and abused me." The ordinary people cried. Later on, they interrogated me three times. During the last interrogation, the policeman used the electric baton with needles to shock me. I fasted for nine days to protest.

After I was released, I wandered around in Beijing for five or six days. When I was hungry, I picked up some food to eat. In the evening, I slept in a bus station or underground channel. On January 24, 2001, I went to Tiananmen. It was heavily guarded. The square was surrounded by armed police. I was arrested by the evil police after 8 pm and sent to Chongwenmen Detention Center.

In Chongwenmen Detention Center, I went on a hunger strike to protest. The television station was broadcasting the fabricated Tiananmen self-immolation story. My benevolent Master was suffering injustice, Dafa was being persecuted and practitioners were in prisons. I could not accept this. I wanted to readjust myself and do well again. I wanted to rush out from this den of monsters and clarify the truth. After fifteen days of fasting, they started to give me intravenous infusion.

Later on, I did not do well. I told them my name and address. When I came back, I regretted it very much. What did I do this time? In those days, I felt very bad. Seeing other practitioners, I felt that I was very tiny.

Around March 8th (International Working Women's Day), a woman director and three people from my neighborhood hypocritically visited us, trying to persuade us to eat. All of us refused the visit, including the materials they sent to us. Later on, a collaborator filed a report, and as a result, the number of practitioners joining the fast was increased. After over twenty days of fasting, I was taken to the hospital for an examination. The results indicated that I had diabetes. After I came back, several other practitioners and I encouraged each other to strive forward. After we fasted for thirty-two days, we were released.

I'd like to express my appreciation to my Master, but expressing it in human language is not enough. Without Master's protection, would I even be alive today?

I'd also like to say to my parents: It is not that your daughter does not respect you; it is that Dafa is still persecuted by the evil force and my benevolent Master is still suffering injustice. I'd like to say to my son: It is not that your mother does not care about you that I can't see you; it is because Jiang Zemin's group is still doing evil.