[Clearwisdom.net] Yang Mei (female, 23 years old) was illegally arrested between the spring and summer of 2001 for distributing Falun Dafa truth-clarifying materials. She was later detained at Cangzhou Second Detention Center where the evil police tortured her until after 6 a.m. She died as a result of this torture on October 20, 2001.

Yang Mei was on the staff at a bank and lived in the dormitory of a water conservation training school. The people who knew her could tell that she was an unaffected and virtuous young woman. The wicked police in the jail inhumanly tortured her, trying to force her to renounce her righteous belief in Dafa. They made her labor without rest, and attempted to force her to write a "guarantee" letter. When she refused to bend to their demands, they would tie both her hands and feet to an iron bed for several days and nights in a row. In order to resist the persecution, on October 10, Yang Mei went on a hunger strike to protest. During the afternoon of October 19, she was force-fed, and on the early morning of the next day, after 6 a.m., she suddenly died.

That morning of October 20, Yang's parents came to visit her. The guards did not allow them to meet her. When her parents asked the guards about her situation, the guards said they did not know (by that time Yang Mei had already passed away). Her elderly parents had no choice but to return home. Just as they arrived home, the guards phoned and asked them to come immediately. Back at the detention center, the guards talked aimlessly, saying nothing about Yang Mei's death. It was not until after 2 p.m. that they informed Yang Mei's parents of their daughter's death.

At present, Yang Mei's corpse is being kept in a hospital. Because the Cangzhou Municipal Party Committee and Police Department have directly intervened, the relevant information is strictly blocked, and plainclothes police "protect" the neighborhood of her home around the clock. The details surrounding Yang Mei's murder are still not clear. We hope that the people who know will provide us with the information. It is said that, according to instructions from higher authorities, if Yang's family members request an autopsy of her corpse, the corpse must be immediately, forcibly cremated.

Since July of this year, over 60 Falun Dafa practitioners have been illegally arrested in Cangzhou City. They are detained at the First, Second, and Cang County Detention Centers. The wicked police inhumanly torture Falun Dafa practitioners, persecuting them with various evil means, such as using handcuffs to hang them up from the wrists, binding them, and forcing them into foot shackles, in addition to using sleep deprivation as a way of torture. Some practitioners were tortured until they passed out many times. The evil police also extort money from the practitioners' family members. Every time the family visits the practitioners, they must hand over the "visiting fee" ranging from several tens to one hundred Yuan [An average urban worker's monthly salary is five hundred Yuan]. If they refuse to pay, they are not allowed to see the practitioners.

We sternly warn these evil people who are helping a tyrant do evil. It is a heavenly law that good is rewarded with good and evil is met with evil. We hope that you will wake up and escape disaster at the last moment by treating Falun Dafa practitioners with kindness. Do not bury yourselves along with others in Jiang Zemin's gang of hoodlums, otherwise you will lose the eternal future of your own lives!