Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) will soon hold its summit in Shanghai. Since September 29, and lasting until October 22, the city has been in a state of high security. And as a result, Falun Dafa practitioners have also been more closely monitored than ever before. Since September 28, many practitioners have been under 24-hour surveillance, even when they do things such as taking out the garbage or going grocery shopping. The following are some of the details:

  1. Some practitioners have been forcibly taken to and detained in brainwashing classes;
  2. Practitioners are monitored by their employers at work and by their family members at home. Employers and families of Falun Dafa practitioners have to guarantee that practitioners do not go out to meet people or distribute Falun Dafa materials;
  3. Practitioners who do not work are being monitored around the clock by their neighborhood committees members, displaced workers in the neighborhood and paramilitaries

Regarding the police authorities, their tactic is to turn people against each other for their own interest. Those who blindly follow these orders do not know that this kind of pressure or duty imposed on them is something that they should not follow. Not to mention these actions are against the constitution.

An increasing number of disasters are occurring now in China and more and more people who were involved in persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners are receiving immediate retribution. Everybody is responsible for his or her actions. No one can escape the judgment of justice simply because he or she is carrying out an order from "higher authorities." Please do not assist the villains in committing crimes against humanity and your own conscience.

You are actually harming yourself when you are harming other people. For the eternity of your life, please treat other people with kindness. Please treat Falun Dafa practitioners with kindness.

October 10, 2001