(Clearwisdom.net) Due to a moment of negligence that the evil took advantage of, our printing site was destroyed and dozens of people were arrested. Each one of us was watched over by two people and placed into solitary confinement. I started a hunger strike on the day of my arrest. When the police interrogated me I smiled and said nothing. So they began to photograph me. I thought if Teacher doesn't acknowledge the arrangements we can't acknowledge them either. So I refused to pose for the photograph. Two policewomen came up and twisted my arms behind my back to force me to pose for the photograph. I kept struggling and they failed in their attempt. A policeman suddenly grabbed my hair from behind. I closed my eyes and shouted, "Suffocate the evil! Falun Dafa is good! Look at your disgusting acts!" They were alarmed and kept on saying, "Don't let her shout" and ordered me to open my eyes, because such picture depicting them torturing me like this can not be shown to people. Therefore I said, "I just won't open my eyes!"

The next day, division chief Wang pretended to ask me questions while someone at the side tried to retake a photograph of me. I saw through their trick and they didn't succeed. Next, they began to torture me. Two thugs--chief Wang and someone named Zhang Jun violently twisted my arms behind me. I was determined not to cooperate with the evil. I struggled and shouted, "Suffocate the evil! Suffocate the evil!" The evil is most afraid of being exposed. They pinned me down on a bed and gagged my mouth to prevent me from shouting. I was suffocating and losing consciousness. Someone slapped my face a few times and said I was "faking death" and threw me onto the floor. I regained consciousness and thought, "I'm a Dafa practitioner; I can't bring shame to Dafa." So I stood up. Chief Wang slapped me again, three times. In the afternoon, they started to torture me anew. This time, chief Wang grabbed my collar and forcefully slammed me against the wall five to six times. Afterwards, they shamelessly said to me, "We were shaking hands with you." I said, "What a strange way of shaking hands. You shook me from behind and shook me until I'm dizzy." Their evil deed was exposed and their faces changed instantly and said, "Who saw us beating you?" I said, "Our Dafa advocates Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance. You Party members also talk about seeking truth from facts. I hope you can speak from your conscience. Besides, our country signed an international pact. One of the items prohibits extortion of confession by torture. What you did as law enforcers was a violation of law." This time they couldn't say anything.

During this period I kept clarifying the truth about Dafa to them and recited Teacher's articles to them. However, some of them used the worst kind of slyness to reciprocate my kind thoughts by finding faults in my words in order to persecute me. I really felt deep regret for them. Teacher said, "Many people don't deserve to listen to the Fa." (Unofficial translation of Falun Buddha Fa--Lecture at the Conference in Europe) I didn't say anything else to these malicious people. Later a vicious director said to me, "Look into my eyes!" I am a Dafa practitioner. I walk the most righteous path and my behavior is the most compassionate. I am afraid of nothing. So I looked straight into his eyes. About 30 minutes later he said, "What a pair of kind and pure eyes. Much like my sister's." Then, chief Wang asked me some questions in a contrived, kindly manner. I didn't say anything, thinking, "You will not get any slip-ups from my mouth to be used to persecute me or any other practitioners. "... just by having your heart unaffected you will be able to handle all situations." ("Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)") About another half hour later, because of my silence, one by one, they walked off.

During this period, screams of practitioners suffering from violent torture could be heard every single moment. I cried and felt anger and sorrow in my heart. I said sternly, "If anything happens to the practitioners, you'll have to take full responsibility. If you continue to do so, we will resist until we die!" Later, they added two more people to watch me. On the evening of the fourth day, they sent me to a detention center.

Upon arriving at the detention center I sent forth righteous thoughts. "I'll level this demon's den." The next morning they asked me to wear inmate's clothes. I thought, "I'm a Dafa practitioner; I didn't violate the law and commit any crime; how can I wear such shabby clothes? Looking at it from the other dimension, how dirty this is!" Later, the "floor police guard" who is in charge of all female cells and my female guard kicked me. The "floor police guard" slapped me three times and shocked my forehead and nose with an electric baton. At that moment I thought, "I'm as a god, none of you can harm me." Neither was I afraid. Later, they cuffed me with shackles and with my hands behind my back, a method that is used only on death penalty criminals.

They interrogated me on the third day. Right then I thought, "I'm as a god. How can I let you interrogate me?" So I looked at them, smiling, and said nothing. They wrote only "smiling and saying nothing" on their record. They asked me to sign. I said, "I will neither look at it nor sign it." They told me I must sign or put my fingerprint on it. I refused. Two tall and brawny vicious police tried to push my hand down with force. I suddenly stood up, staring straight at their hands, which were about to commit a crime, saying, "While you are supposed to enforce the law, you are violating the law." Because of my righteous thought they didn't move. About five to six minutes later, they attempted another attack. I said, "If you continue to treat me like this, I'll resist until I die." They became afraid and ordered someone to watch me, while someone went to another room to discuss with other thugs. My mind was very calm at this time. Soon they came back, pounded the table and said, "Today you'll just have to sign whether you want to or not, even if we have to press your hands." I sneered with disdain. Seeing I wasn't intimidated, the vicious policeman then said he wasn't rational just now. I didn't say anything. Thus, their act ended in such a senseless way. They didn't interrogate me anymore.

They began to force-feed me on the afternoon of the sixth day of the hunger strike. I thought, "You are too wicked. I absolutely won't cooperate with you." Later, all four division-chiefs came. They ordered male criminals to push me down on a chair and force-fed me. I firmly resisted. Later, they affixed me onto a wooden plank with my hands and feet in shackles, so I could only lie down or sit, and my excrement was caught with a basin as I stood above the basin.

On the seventh day of my hunger strike, they force-fed me again. Six to seven people pushed me and tried to pry my jaws open with iron pliers. Right then I thought, "My teeth are made of diamonds; how can you pry them open?" Later my teeth and gums bled and my lips were almost pierced through. The wicked doctor who was trying to pry open my jaws was constantly dripping sweat, but still couldn't open my jaws. He said over and over again, "Too stubborn, too stubborn. (I've) never seen anyone so stubborn!" This time they again ended with failure. On the same day, they tried to give me an intravenous drip. I sent forth a righteous thought, "You can't stick the needle into me." As a result, they tried nine times before they could stick the needle in.

On the eighth day they tried to give me a sedative shot through the intravenous drip. I struggled and sent forth a righteous thought, "These poisons of yours won't have any effect on me." And their two attempts ended up in vain--I didn't feel drowsy at all. They were extremely surprised, saying, "How could it not work?"

On the ninth day they gave me concentrated glucose, but this time I wasn't careful enough. I thought it was only ordinary glucose, so I didn't send forth righteous thoughts. They had added sedative into the glucose and I fell asleep. When I woke up I cried, for I felt terrible about my mistake.

On the tenth day they succeeded in force-feeding me, but I sent forth a righteous thought, "I don't want this stuff "and I threw it all up. I did the same the next few days. During this time, in order to find out information about me, the unit in charge of the case lied to me, saying my parents were going to visit me, and that I could call home or write home. I said, "No need!" and thought, "These are tricks for kids. How can they trick me, a diamond-like indestructible magnificent god!"

(To Be Continued)