(Clearwisdom.net) In late June 2001, while Dafa practitioner Hui Zenghua, her son Gong Pibin and another practitioner were writing Dafa phrases on posters in Hui's home, a malicious person reported them to the police. Police broke into her home and arrested them. In September, after being detained for over two months, without notifying her family or having any due legal process, Hui Zenghua was unlawfully sentenced to three years of forced labor, and her son Gong Pibin (21-years-old) was illegally sentenced to two years of forced labor. Right now, no one knows where they are being detained.

Hui Zenghua is a peasant and didn't receive much education. However, she has a firm faith in Dafa. In the past two years during which Dafa has been slandered and persecuted, she went twice to Beijing to appeal, her son went once to appeal, and her two daughters also went several times. Over 10,000 Yuan was extorted from her, and all of her electrical appliances were confiscated. Now her elder daughter is on the police wanted list, and her younger daughter is still in school, so there is no one left to take care of her home.

It was also said that the thugs in Mengyin County later sentenced six practitioners to jail and another fourteen practitioners to forced labor.

Among them are:

Hu Changping, a practitioner from Tanbu town. He went to appeal many times in the past two years and was illegally detained several times. Tens of thousands Yuan in cash was extorted from him and he has now been illegally sentenced to three years of forced labor.

Song Bingfa, a practitioner from Mengyin County, was forced to leave home and live in hiding. Later he was sentenced to ten years in jail.

The details about other practitioners who also received jail sentences are unclear. The sentencing of all these practitioners was without any due legal process, and their families were not notified of where they were being detained.

In Mengyin County, villains led by Li Zhiye, Lei Yancheng and Xing Xianying fervently persecuted practitioners. Until now, more than forty practitioners were illegally sentenced to forced labor or jail, and it is hard to estimate the number of practitioners who were detained and brutally tortured. The money that they stole and extorted from practitioners is countless.

List of thugs in Mengyin County, Shandong Province:

Li Zhiye, Secretary of Political and Judiciary Committee in Mengyin County, is a primary culprit in persecuting practitioners. His office phone number is 0539-4272923

Lei Yancheng, Deputy Secretary of Political and Judiciary Committee of Mengyin County, is the second-in-command in the persecution of practitioners. His home phone number: 86-539-4272116.

Xing Xianying, female, is one of the leading personnel of the group responsible for the persecution of practitioners in Mengyin County.

Fang Simin, director of Duozhuang Town Military Department in Mengyin County. Fang Simin was chosen by Li Zhiye and Lei Yancheng for his vicious deeds of severely beating practitioners, and was transferred to Mengyin County Brainwashing Class to be dedicated to beating practitioners.