Pang You, an assistant of the Beiyuan Dayangfang practice site , started practicing Falun Dafa in July 1998. He presented the petition at Zhongnanhai on April 25th 1999. Pang You appealed to higher authorities on July 20th 1999. After Falun Dafa was labeled as an "X " [slanderous word respectfully omitted] in October, he appealed to the Letter-petition Office with another Dafa practitioner. They were detained in the Chaoyang District Detention House.

Four days later, they were released. Then his supervisor at work talked to him. He was fired because of his firm belief in Falun Dafa cultivation. He was taken away from home by Public Security in December. Pang was detained illegally for more than 20 days. During the "two meetings" (of the Party and the Congress), Beijing Public Security Division One "talked" to him and took him away from his home again. Later, he was sent to Chaoyang Branch and was detained for more than 20 days without any justification. On June 25th 2000, he carried banners to Tiananmen Square with other Dafa practitioners and was beaten brutally by policemen. He was then taken to the police station. Because he refused to give his name, he was transferred to Tong County Detention House. He was again beaten brutally and shocked all over his body with an electric baton. He fainted several times. Because of his persistent belief in Master Li and Dafa, he managed to withstand these trials. He began a hunger strike to protest the unfair treatment but was force-fed. The tube (used for force feeding) stayed inserted even when he was sleeping. The torturer came up with another idea- while he was on hunger strike; the guard wouldn't allow other prisoners to eat so as to provoke a conflict between Dafa practitioners and the prisoners. In order not to make things difficult for the prisoners, Pang You slammed his head against a wall. The guard didn't give a thought of Pang You's situation. Instead, Pang You was handcuffed and shackled day and night. After nine day's of hunger strike in Tong County, he was taken back to the local police station and they planned to transfer him to Chaoyang Detention House. However, when the policemen in Chaoyang Detention House heard that he had been on a hunger strike for nine days, they did not dare to take him. Thus the police station let him go home.

On July 17th, the local police station called him for a "talk". This time he thought he shouldn't be taken away by these heartless people. He left through the back door. From then on, he wandered about. Pang devoted himself to spreading Dafa. He bought a copy machine to Xerox Dafa books and materials. Because of being followed by agents, he was arrested on September 27th. The copy machines and other items were also confiscated.

After two or three months, the officials still had not notified his family. Through their own inquiries, his family found out that he was detained in Beijing Public Security Division Seven. He was beaten viciously and tortured horribly. He fainted many times. It was said that one of his arms is paralyzed. He never submitted to demands to recant his belief in Dafa. His family learned from television that he was sentenced to eight years' imprisonment. This is an illegal act by The Beijing Higher People's Court. Before this, there was no formal official notification at all. Together with Pang You, three other Dafa practitioners were sentenced to imprisonment. Two received seven-year sentences and the other got a three-year sentence. Their families didn't receive notification either. It is easy to see that the news about the "public" trial was a total lie. Also from reviewing the TV program, we can see that there were no auditors, and no lawyers. There were only about 20 people, including the judge. How can it be called a "public trial"? The reporter finally told one truth, "They didn't admit any guilt and appealed to higher authority." Appeal is the right of a citizen, but the court denied their appeals immediately. From TV, we can see that the mouths of Pang You and others were moving, but the TV station did not dare to broadcast what they were saying. It was thus shown that those evil people were extremely lacking in self-confidence and that they were afraid of letting the public know the truth. We can tell that the so called: "now is the best period of time for human rights in China" by Zemin Jiang is a shameless lie.

The families still don't know where Pang You and other Dafa practitioners were taken to.